May 4, 2021
Philosophy and Learning

The 100 Lessons

1. The universe is impersonal.

You must accept that the universe does not notice your pain, your angst, your frustration or your screams. Operate within this frame of neutrality.

2. Ruthlessness is natural.

Nature does not have pity or grant favor to individuals, and life is unstinting in its ruthlessness. Ruthlessness is thus part of all living things.

3. Surprise is your own fault.

You are responsible for being prepared for encounters and engagements in life. Surprises are not favored by the powerful or the successful.

4. Tools, not weapons.

Physical objects do not bear moral freight. Understand that emotional attachment to the concept of “weapons” is a weak limitation of spirit.

5. Engage with deliberation.

Not all encounters necessitate engagement. When a decision to engage is arrived at, be deliberate and conscious with the deployment of your intention.

6. Quick beats fast.

Fast is impressive. Quick is successful. Strive always to shorten, remove and vanish the interval between stimulus and response through constant practice.

7. Understand the male and female.

Overt and covert, the yielding and the penetrating, are fundamental to human interactions. Understand the archetypes of sexuality.

8. Understand singularities.

Where infinite density of thought, word or deed arrives at a one-dimensional tipping point, you have a useable singularity. Understand this process.

9. Balance cannot be forced.

Balance relies upon itself. Become cognizant of balance as a place to arrive at, a pivotal state of fragility and not static homeostasis forced into being.

10. Others do not care.

You matter far less to other people and animals than your emotional attachment to illusion leads you to believe. Focus on results and do not expect pity.

11. Humans are predators.

In your encounters and engagements with human beings, recall always that they are the apex predator of the known universe and never underestimate.

12. Adversaries, not enemies.

Emotional attachment to the concept of “enemies” is a stumbling point of defeat and death. Adversaries exist to avoid or overthrow as needs demand.

13. Tumble and turn.

Develop comfortable familiarity and skill in the detached and practiced alternation of perspectives, intentions and postures. From their transformation leaks the real.

14. Understand duality.

The duality of the universe and the complementation of opposites is a fundamental and inherent principle. Master the ability to straddle and reposition them.

15. Achievement brings prerogative.

Those who produce results of value in the markets of the world retain the prerogative of power to receive value, defend value and speak for it.

16. Luck is manufactured.

What appears to be luck is nearly always the result of long cultivation of skill, awareness and preparation. Strive to seed life with future opportunities.

17. Karma is hungry.

Consequence is a grave foundation of the universe we inhabit. Cause and effect are inseparably entwined, and the wise contemplate outcomes with care.

18. Zoom in and out.

Perspective provides insight into reality. Work always to consider the deep and the shallow, the close and the far, and in the slide of perspective find opportunity.

19. Understand gradients.

Binary realities exist, but there is no dividing line between them. Understand the subtle shift of reality by seamless movements within spectrums.

20. Outrage is pointless.

Indignity and attack are inevitable and outrage is a pointless, inhibiting and useless emotional attachment. Respond with seamless accord to risk.

21. Train to avoid stutter.

Words, thoughts and deeds all stutter. Train well to understand the vulnerability that stutter creates, and practice to develop the fluid continuity of the master practitioner.

22. Comprehend moments of relief.

The spirit relaxes and sighs in moments of relief, and it is in that moment of Void that awareness suspends and the spear drives home into the heart. Learn this well.

23. All things degrade.

Entropy is the nature of our universal existence. That which is not attended, rusts. That which is not cultivated, rots. Choose which realms of life you attend and discard.

24. Time plays games.

Time itself is an illusion, a dimension that is even stretched by the presence of mass. Your interaction with time is defined by your intention and intensity. Practice this well.

25. Static state is illusion.

Absolute zero is an artificial and unsustainable state. Understand that all things have momentum and movement, and can be harnessed with utilitarian effect.

26. Class will out.

Essential social values, skill and upbringing will inevitably emerge as a demonstration of moral posture and breeding. Learn well to note subtle indications early.

27. Power is a language.

Those who have power deliver it in more than words and deeds. Posture, gaze, silence and myriad other indicators are flags and avenues of power. Learn to recognize them quickly.

28. Coincidence is a warning.

Awareness of coincidence is reaction to the subtle warning of the psyche to parallel concordance of manifestation. Patterns are both risk and opportunity. Learn them well.

29. Unravel and entwine.

Through separation and entanglement, through the application and division of realities, the man of power discovers the essential modes of utility for his purpose.

30. Understand rhythm and collapse.

Patterns become cycles, and cycles accord to rhythms. Learn well to recognize the rhythms underlying reality, for in their disruption and acceleration lies power to provoke collapse.

31. Find joy in the preposterous.

The vast deeps of time and space are nonetheless an instantaneous singularity against infinity. It is preposterous that things exist. Take great joy in each moment.

32. Fighting is extremely dangerous.

The nature of the universe is no laws and no guarantee. All engagements of combat bear the potentiality of your death. Brash engagement will prove fatal.

33. What is living can kill.

As long as your adversary breathes he is capable of rising and ensuring your death. When killing, certainty is demanded of you in the pursuit of your own survival. Do not guess.

34. Capture moments of shudder.

Shudder occurs when intensity is manifested with unexpected suddenness. Shudders create enormously powerful opportunity for penetration or redirection. Learn this well.

35. Intelligence is dangerous.

When a being is more intelligent than you there is infinite danger, for you cannot identify the extent of the capacity gap or ensure that you have addressed all risk. Be gravely aware.

36. Detachment is power.

The discarding of illusion and the seamless, responsive nature of correct posture are outgrowths of a mind that does not stop and a heart that does not cling. Learn this well.

37. Cultivate every day.

Grand realizations of vision and colossal achievements of purpose are not delivered with sudden fortune. Each day cultivate and groom, prepare and advance towards outcome.

38. Understand stacking.

The layering of methodologies and skills, of approaches and concepts, creates an impetus and momentum greater than the sum of its parts. Manifest this process of powerful building.

39. Consequences are invaluable.

The inevitability of cause and effect leads to the reliability and predictability of consequences in the dark world. Through recognition of cause, effect can be prepared for with profit.

40. Vision is essential.

Not one champion ever lived who did not believe in himself. You must work with severe and enormous determination to build, polish and deploy your vision in order to move the world.

41. Authenticity is pitiless.

The world is what it is and reality does not apologize. What is truly real and authentic does not flinch, or grovel, or supplicate. Strive for authenticity instead of expecting pity.

42. Entitlement is internal.

True entitlement is arrived at through the development of the inner self, manifested in the outer world, and gratified through receipt back into the spirit. It is the actual heart that deserves.

43. Intention manifests.

Will that arises in thought, word and deed inevitably and inexorably changes reality. The revelation of your purpose in the playing out of fate is best as deliberate expression.

44. Master each realm of concealment.

Learn well to conceal thoughts, lest they betray. Learn well to draw curtains across purpose, so that it is not thwarted. Understand that survival is at odds with prominence.

45. Lords and banners matter.

The dark world elevates and smashes, promotes and slays with visible lines of power. Adhere to banners and lords, for by the array of Heaven is found its intention in the dark world.

46. There is always a champion.

As nature abhors a vacuum, so does the world of men. There will be a man proclaimed as the apex of achievement, whether or not deserved or real. Find the flow towards this place.

47. Sunk costs are gone.

What is spent is gone. Chasing after wasted investment is a spiraling compulsion of failure and attachment to frustrated illusion of spirit. Failure exists. Learn well to move quickly on.

48. Patience is necessary.

Cultivation requires the passage of time from conception to delivery, from ideation to demonstration. Learn to accord with the natural pace of development, and thereby steer incisively.

49. Politics is not distinct.

It is a grave and futile mistake to condemn political maneuvering or skill. Political acts are in truth indistinguishable from human behavior. Do not resent this.

50. Master understanding of flow.

Water seeks the lowest level, and the universe itself has a perceptible flow of energy and power. Study well the concept of flow from one place to another, and to seize and ride currents.

51. Chaos and order are entwined.

Chaos is a crucial concept to understand. The reeling and rolling of the random is deeply woven into the fabric of reality. Know where it edges and dwells, for it creates opportunity.

52. Cultivate inevitability.

It is futile to thrash against and deny the inevitable force of destiny that Heaven has determined. Learn the Way of Heaven, accord with the Will of Heaven, and attain invincibility.

53. All things bend.

Just as there is no static state of absolute zero, there is no inflexibility in the universe. Things flex when leverage is appropriate. Learn well to position for powerful effort.

54. Nobility is mundane.

In the simple is the sublime, and within the direct and the calm is power. Learn the essentials of graceful, sacred expression and the posture of the indomitably blessed.

55. Humans are mostly weak.

Outstanding performance, exemplary skill and brilliant minds are rare peaks of human potential. Understand and set expectations accordingly, for not all share equal capacity.

56. Study and develop scholarship.

The seasoned practitioner marries deep understanding and investigation of theory with his application and manifestations of power. Consider deeply. Learn ceaselessly.

57. Harden the body for killing.

The dark world elights in surprise and in the overturn of expectation. Your survival as a living being may depend upon inherent strength. Cultivate serious resiliency.

58. History is written by the winner.

The truth of armies and nations, of kings and councilors, is written by those who wield the prerogative of the axe and block. Learn to read through the lines and perceive truth.

59. Harness passions.

Compulsive, rapacious desires and lusts are an inherent part of the experience of living things. Harness them with deliberate intention and find your outcomes driven by their power.

60. Penetrate deeper.

Shallowness is weakness when it is a limitation on capacity. Cultivate the ability to penetrate deeply into emotion, thought, action and targets in the dark world.

61. Remove envy from thinking.

Resentful jealousy is a corrosive and hobbling realm of futile idiocy. Do not envy, but attain. Do not covet, but reach. Do not whine, but drive yourself to achievement as an equal.

62. The world is a dark place.

Social constructs and ideologies are ever mere overlays upon the reality of blood and claw, of rending teeth and vicious feeding that is the nature of the dark world. Do not forget.

63. Each encounter is infinite.

Within each encounter is the infinite potential of enlightened understanding and the dropping away of illusion. Understand this well. Broaden, deepen and cultivate your receptivity.

64. Everything is training.

Each lesson that you survive brings with it greater knowledge, understanding and power if received with the correct mental, emotional and physical posture of learning. Train. Always.

65. Attrition is crucial.

Carving away the ineffective and scraping off the useless is an integral, equal partner to the process of growing and building. Prune all things with equal focus and determination.

66. You are replaceable.

You are a momentary, instantaneous spark in the eternal fire of all things. You are replaceable in all ways, for truth is eternal and you are merely a vessel. Maintain this humility.

67. Thought, word and deed must align.

The sacred nature of the human being is the existence of free will. Alignment of thought, word and deed to the will of Heaven in conscious choice delivers illimitable power.

68. Discipline your movement.

Movement of the body is a reflection of the mind and heart. Control the body with deliberation and develop your posture with cultivated grace, accuracy and power.

69. Internal locus of control.

Scattered, external dependencies of self-respect, approval or disapproval and other measures of performance are ultimately routes to frustration. Measure yourself inwardly.

70. Remove self-pity.

The universe has no time for feelings of self-pity. If you are sorry for yourself, you will sit sorrowful alone. Get up and walk. Develop resiliency of attitude towards living.

71. Train in methods of survival.

The unexpected arrives with tsunamic ferocity and the dark world does not forgive lack of capability. Learn well to fight, to speak, to survive, to escape and to conceal.

72. Develop social ease.

Smooth ability to build rapport and facilitate dialogue are the hallmarks of the human being who understands the flow of power. It is a demonstration of personal competence.

73. All things have utility.

There is nothing which is of no use, even if only by recognition of profit through avoidance. Master the ability to extract value from each encounter in the dark world.

74. Deeply comprehend exponents.

That which curves sharply upward on the scale is what brings wealth and disaster, victory and defeat with sudden inevitable denouement. Swiftly recognize, create and exploit it.

75. You can and will be broken.

Every human being has a breaking point past which pain, torment, stress and suffering will smash resistance and knock out the heart. Anticipate, prevent, accept and recover.

76. Understand the transformation of energy.

Energy flows with predictable breath and pulse. Know intimately the pattern of its living flow. Recognize the state of energy and know the future that arrives with imminence.

77. Understand the interruption of energy.

Energy has power, momentum and vulnerability. Master the correct perception of energy in order to interrupt the flow and accelerate determined future outcomes within the world.

78. Recognize enthrallment.

Mesmerized fascination with people, places and things is a predictable and readily instilled state of hypnotic folly. Learn to infect with enthrallment, and to recognize and extract self.

79. Understand breakouts.

The snapping of barriers leads to the collapse or surge of change and transformation. Learn to read the signals of a pending breakout, for it brings great risk and promise.

80. Cultivate the immovable spirit.

The Way of the immovable spirit is essential to the cultivation of true personal power in the human world. As broad as the sky and as inherent as the wind, the self finds power by infinity.

81. Understand the central heart.

Within the cycle of the seasons the master knows that each equinox is inherent. Because the universe exists, ultimate sincere truth is equally inherent. Learn this heart.

82. Become a vehicle for fate.

The decision through free will to accord with the path of appropriate consequence and justice enables the master to grasp and saddle the playing out of fate. Be the master.

83. Sorrow is normal.

Loss, agony, hurt and sorrow are inevitable and inherent in the experience of being a human being. Accept this as the nature of things, and move into acceptance and consequent peace.

84. Acceptance is essential.

Resistance to truth is futile and provocative of howling, idiot senselessness of action. Accept reality. Let go of frustration. Release expectation. Allow the universe to penetrate you.

85. Do not stop the mind.

Attachment to things creates a stopping point for the mind. When the mind stops on the sword, the body is cut. Train ceaselessly to embody seamless and fluid perception.

86. Understand doorways.

Within the manifestation of fate are choices, beyond which the inexorable direction of that fate cannot be reversed. Perceive these as doorways, and select with deliberate care.

87. Fulfillment arises in depth.

Fulfillment of desire and hope, of satisfaction and joy, is delivered through the depth of experience. Learn to descend through depths with cultivated skill, and life blossoms.

88. Master the concept of pivot.

The moment of pivot is where the universe spins upon quantum probabilities and the application of conscious will impacts the infinite. Learn to recognize and seamlessly direct fate.

89. Silence has value.

In stillness is heard the subtle, and in calm is contemplated the profound. Appreciate the power of the dark void, for even the universe itself exists within the infinite deep. Connect to it.

90. Boundaries are illusions.

In accord with the truth that no laws constrain the preposterous nature of what we call reality, understand well that boundaries are false and that total freedom is the Way.

91. Ego is illusion.

The sense of separateness of self from the universe is a great and silly self-promotion of an empty trick in place of the realization of utter connectedness. Do not be a fool.

92. Time and space are illusions.

The singularity of the physical universe operates according to physical laws, yet those laws are true only within our own singularity. Learn to shape and bend perceptions of interval.

93. Love is real.

In the conscious awareness of the mind and heart is the joyous infinity of recognition of each other, as one hand of the body knows the other. Within that adherence of self, is immortality.

94. Laughter is powerful.

Laughter fills the universe. It is the sound of joy, of transcendence, of indomitability and of courage. Bring laughter to the front. Take nothing too seriously. Exult in life.

95. The universe is infinitely fair.

The most crushing sorrow and horrible cruelty, as well as the grandest joy and the blinding light of ten billion universes, all are nothing against eternity. It all evens out. Accept this.

96. Infinity is real.

The mind cannot fathom eternity, but can endlessly compound in pursuit of it. The heart accepts death, but the spirit does not. Rest in the peace of this vibrant, ever-present perception.

97. Power is sacred.

As Heaven wills, so manifests fate. Cultivation of momentum according to that will, manifests that which is sacred. The sacred is the intent of the immortal engine behind all things.

98. There is a Way.

As infinity is perceived, so too is perceived the infinite purpose behind all things. Because this purpose exists, we know that the Way is for granted. Learn it. Study it. Walk it well, and die.

99. The Way can be learned.

The great and infinite mystery of all things is not merely perceived, but capable of infinite interaction with the spirit of the human being. Cultivate yourself as a vessel for the sacred.

100. Each moment is a beginning.

All things begin again, and each moment is the sacred peal of the bell of dual singularity and infinite realms beyond time and space. Each is a gift of learning and love. Live well.

This excerpt from the first chapter of The Nine Laws will serve you well.

Heed my admonitions, and put their truth to work in your affairs.

Walk the Way and find absolute victory.

Much love, honor, and respect,

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