About Ivan Throne

Ivan Throne

Ivan Throne is a bestselling philosophy author, international speaker, and former financial industry professional. His first non-fiction book, The Nine Laws was published by Castalia House in 2016. An avid student of history and human nature, Throne also has four decades of experience in the classical Japanese fighting arts, which have helped shape his perspective on the interplay of power and outcomes in what he terms the “dark world”.

He has worked as a senior project and program manager in the IT and financial industry for over twenty years in both the public and private sector. Today he is the chief executive of Throne Dynamics, a global strategic consulting firm.

The Nine Laws is Throne’s seminal work to date. A distillation of esoteric ninja strategies and principles, blended with his experience in the financial industry and set within the specific framework of the dark triad of personality – narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy – The Nine Laws marries practical teaching of real world intelligence to the structure of human conflict, power and teaches the underlying quantum processes of deliberate, conscious achievement exemplified by a very specialized type of human manifestation: the dark triad.

At the age of four Throne was stricken with severe meningitis. After more than a month in intensive care he emerged profoundly deaf. His parents refused the medical recommendation of institutionalization and instead continued him in private school with adjunct lip-reading therapy.

Throne proved to be a gifted student, leaping ahead of his peers and entering university at the age of sixteen. His experiences as a deaf individual in the hearing world (he does not know sign language, but lip-reads) provides him with a unique perspective and insight into human power and communication dynamics.

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