Jun 16, 2021
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Your Hideous Butchery By The Woke


The woke push ten thousand things that will kill you today.

Only one response will allow you a hope of survival.

Men refuse to see the path of triumph, for two important reasons.

The first is that the ten thousand things, the spontaneous calamities of the world, are distracting and diffusing of intention and purpose.

How terrible, then, to be a purposeless man in the world today!

You will be beaten to and fro, harried with the screamed accusations and hateful, belittling traumas that are incessantly inflicted upon you by the hands and laws and grotesqueries of incompetent, inchoate idiots who think of nothing but what they may destroy.

It is their attempt to assuage their own sure and certain knowledge of their disgusting, pointless existence.

They loathe and despise you because they see the horror of their own degeneracy reflected in your eyes and words.

And they know they will be washed away by the future that comes quickly, for Nature does not pander to stupidity.

Thus they attempt to corrupt, poison, slaughter, and destroy before they are eaten alive by the Way of Heaven.

Nature accords with Heaven, for she is Heaven’s full creation and purpose, and there is eternal justice in this structure.

Nature does not kneel before Men on Earth under Heaven, and her hungry rapacity is both her principle and her nature.

She does not forbear for those who believe they do not deserve to be consumed.

Nor does she respect inaction, hesitancy, confusion, or cowardice.

If you bear the problems of inaction, hesitancy, confusion, or cowardice in your life, you will die.

This is how the dark world works.

You are a Man and therefore you are structured also by design of Heaven.

That design, most of all, is a critical structure you must accept if you wish to live.

Your free will, your conscience, and your willingness to die for the defense of them is the core.

Without that willingness to end your place in the universe if it does not move,

You will be pushed and shoved and tossed as a toy by the evil that men do.

You will have no freedom, no power, and your stupid death will be preposterous.

This is also design, for Heaven has expectation of you, and your dignity as a man is conditional on the exercise of these things.

Your judgment at the end of life is merely the verdict on the whole, and those who deny this damn themselves with unforgivable fluency.

It is easy, is it not, to succumb to the temptations and lures and lies of the modern age?

“Racist, fascist, oppressor, aggressor, evil, bad, bad, bad!”

The drumbeat of incandescent fury slaps you left and right, back and forth, down and down and down.

For it is not merely your defeat that they wish, and the toppling of your gunshot body into a pit with others.

Your humiliation and broken spirit is integral to the desire of evil,

For despair is the only unforgivable sin.

Thus you are faced with despair.

Thus despair is ground into your children.

Thus despair is spattered across your face by the insults of the “woke”.

It is not enough to kill you, you see.

It is not enough to remove you.

These things must be accompanied by your disgrace and surrender, the broken heart of loss, the fear of your own power, and the abrogation of the very dignity that God endowed you with as a human being to rule over the earth with the prerogative of manhood.

Is it any wonder, then, that your devastating collapse is so cruelly hideous?

It is designed that way, for evil has structure as well.

It is your responsibility to fight it.

I am Ivan Throne.

For many years I have warned men of what comes.

For many years I have taught men to survive.

Survival breeds momentum, and momentum is prerequisite for triumph.

I can no longer warn, my brother. It is too late to warn.

I have no choice today but to throw ropes not merely of understanding, of perspective, but now solely of power and war.

That power is you and all that you think, speak, and do.

That power is your refusal to go quietly into the night of death.

The war is here, and there is no return,

And you will live or die according to your purpose.

If your purpose is to live, to win, to uphold your human dignity,

Then continue to read, and take my strident call to heart as never before.

If your purpose is absent, and your sloth is the ruler of your heart,

Then you deserve to die, and be forgotten, and your despair is not my affair.

I do not do pity, and neither does Heaven.

FIght and win, or fight and die, but never give in to despair.

Despair is the mocking taunt of evil to the open sky,

The putrid last gasp of a man who has no honor,

And abandonment of your very nature.

Get up and walk.

Get in.

If you fail to fight you will be eaten and swallowed by the maw of the world’s end.

It chews and spits and gnashes, flinging the shattered lives and cultures of the West.

That has been its design from the beginning, and you are nothing in the face of it.

But you have been created with free will, and surrender is not predetermined.

Defeat is not predetermined.

Dishonor is not predetermined.

There is nothing on Earth under Heaven that has power to force you to violate your conscience, your honor, and your sacred purpose.

But to fight, my brother, you must understand your conscience and how it works.

Your honor before Men is the badge of the leader, the winner, the strong spirit that your brothers will follow.

Your sacred purpose, your oath of overriding mission before God, is what sustains and uplifts and preserves.

The ninja speak of this clearly, and also without pity or softened words, for this truth is the most powerful in the universe:

Heaven law eternal: right heart protects.

You will be killed if you enter the storm of this age with the wrong heart.

Your children will live as slaves if you fall through acceptance of despair.

Your community will suffer under tyrants when you have been overthrown.

Your country will topple and fall under the weight of abandoned law.

Your culture will rot and fester by infection of blatant foulness.

Your civilization will end and all its works will be forgotten.

This will happen if your heart is not right.

You are the point of decision.

Your sacred purpose, your conscience, and your honor are the final tools with which you stand and fight,

At the very ending gates of truth and lie, of love and compassion, and the brotherhood of men that builds all,

In this brotherhood of true hearts, firm hands, and driven hearts that shape the world!

There is dreadful horror coming, and you can see it, and you know whereof I speak.

Peace and tranquility are not in your future or in the days that come for your descendants.

Calm and justice are forgotten in this age, and you will not see outrage diminish.

Justice is spat upon, kindness is mocked, contempt replaces respect and hatred snarls over all.

If you do not see this, goodbye.

You will be forgotten as a nameless corpse on the gibbet others build for you.

Do you not hear the hammers and saws, working through the night, to hoist you?

What will you do, instead of trudging to the scaffold under bitter and final insult?

What will you do to begin with sacred purpose, the one thing evil cannot fight?

What will you do, when all seems already lost?

There is something you must understand:

It is not too late for you.

Sacred Purpose overcomes all.

Sacred Purpose is what drives men through unimaginable horror to victory.

Sacred Purpose is what delivers men at stakes of fire to praise Heaven as they scorch to the sky.

Sacred Purpose is your prerogative as a man.

You must find it without delay and you must live it without hesitation.

Without inaction, without cowardice, without apology.

I am here to show you how.

Discover your Sacred Purpose today.

Make no sidestep from this grave and terribly duty.

Treat as conscious evil any deviation from the Way,

From truth, from love, from compassion.

From dignity, from honor, from war,

Understand you no longer have luxury.

Only the hard-bitten edge of the sword that comes.

You will wield your own Sword of Heaven in return,

Or you will be overthrown and die.

There is no pity in the dark.

Be the light that wins all!

Begin today with your own Sacred Purpose.

You will survive, or die with honor.

Your children will live free, or avenge your death.

Your community will prosper, or overthrow the tyrant who ended you.

Your country will be restored, or rise again as every free people do.

Your culture will shake off the putstulent infection, or regrow in remembrance of honor.

Your civilization will sustain, or bring down the world with it.

The decision point of this is your Sacred Purpose, and as The Nine Laws instructs without pity,

You are the point where fate explodes.

Begin your journey now.

You know my words are true, and that I do not lie of what I speak.

Your manhood hears this call, and your children, community, country, and culture wait upon your answer.

Your civilization desperately prays for your rising and your stalwart honor.

Subscribe today, and Discover Your Sacred Purpose is among the three great works you will receive.

They are the gifts of war, the blessings of knowledge, and the pitiless edge by which your survival,

Your momentum, your triumph, and the majesty of victory before God,

Will open for you, man among men, who leads for truth and beauty.

You will need that edge, and you will need it faster than you can imagine.

The great beast slouches forward, and your heart is where it feeds.

Get up and walk, my beloved brother, and get in.

Discover Project Rome.

Much love, honor, and respect,

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