Jun 18, 2021
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Why Everyone Lies To You All The Time


here is deliberate purpose behind why everyone lies to you all the time.

Today those lies are so benighted, so stupid, and so inanely idiotic that the rational man, who observes the world with dispassionate accuracy, cannot help but fight despair at the slovenly, careless nature of the ceaseless lies poured into his face and ground into his spirit by those who traffic in horror.

Innocents are murdered in ceaseless millions, and this foul and unholy slaughter is praised as “choice”.

Cities are burned and livelihoods destroyed while violent criminal mobs engulf entire communities. Media bobbleheads, of course, praise this as “peaceful protests” and you’re not allowed to question it.

Athletes who are paid enormous sums to perform, spend their time genuflecting before lies and symbols of lies, and mumble blather about “justice”.

Grotesque, hideous caricatures of human beings with mutilated genitals and stubbled jaws are pronounced “women”.

One cannot even begin to keep track of the utter, nonsensical horse feces hosed into the mouths of children.

Of course, no one cares if you are lied to. What is one more man of the West who wants his culture preserved?

100 million just like you are simply more carcasses to burn on the pyre of civilizational death.

You’re a hateful bigot if the sight of little boys in short skirts and painted faces fails to strike you as “brave”.

A man cannot open the newspaper, turn on the television, consume online content without a nasty bath in ceaseless disgust. No matter the simple, healthy reaction of loathing that normal human beings respond to all this nonsense with. You’re expected to eat it, swallow it, and spread it like the fertilizer it is.

One lives in a profoundly unhealthy environment today, full of nothing but lies. And as you cannot fail to see, this is incentive to despair.

You are more than lied to. You’re a target, not just a mark for the confidence tricksters of the age.

You are lied about, as well. How archaic and oppressive you are, they say! “Pride” isn’t for you.

Not anymore, not for men who descended from nations and a culture that built the world.

Lies are what they make you eat, because poison is the weapon of cowards.

Does this sound familiar?

I speak with many men as part of my work.

Thousands have read The Nine Laws and rely on my instructions for survival.

Emails pour in from men who are shocked, stricken, savaged by the age and they have nothing left.

Nothing left but a burning fury to stop this grinning, bursting fountain of putridity.

“Ivan, I don’t understand how they get away with this.”

“Ivan, why does everyone believe all of this absolute nonsense?”

“Ivan, what has happened to our civilization?”

And most of all, the question I get the most,

“Ivan, tell me how to fight this!”

I hear it over and over again. I hear the pain, the despair, the anguish at what is being torn down and irrigated with the acid of mass abomination. I read between the lines and I see the hopelessness, the rage, and yes… I see the fear as well.

“Ivan, tell me why everyone lies to you all the time.”

I will tell you why, my brother. But before I do, there is something you must absolutely understand and take to heart, to mind, and drive home with your hands into every aspect of your life and breath and future.

Listen to me carefully.

We need to address your rage and anger first.

The utter wrath and fury you feel at the collapse of your history and future, is an integral aspect of why everyone lies to you all the time.

Truth and falsehood, tumbled and turned, is how the world operates.

Night and day, light and dark, empty and full, hollow and actual.

These are the great binaries of the world.

Between them is the Void, and to live suspended in disbelief and the shocking struggle for sanity, is akin to the sleeper who startles at falling, without being permitted to wake.

It is horrible, it is destructive, and that is the purpose behind why everyone lies to you all the time.

It is not to convince you.

It is not to persuade you.

It is not to inform you of alternate perspective, to provide you with contrast leading to clarity, the great process of winnowing through fact and fiction to arrive at perspective that is useful, can be built from, and grants the honorable man the process by which he may shape the future of the world.

You aren’t allowed that future now.

Your future has been sold out from under you, and there is no intention of ever allowing you to regain your dignity, your honor, your bravery, your courage.

Or your self-respect, or your trust in brothers, or your willingness to raise leaders who will change this.

It’s called cynicism, and that is why everyone lies to you all the time.

It is not the lies, my brother. That is merely the color of the paint, the timbre of the roar, the smell of the mouth of death.

It is the bite of evil you must deal with, and cynicism is the first wound it inflicts.

Cynicism is the profligate father of despair, and lies are its malevolent children as well.

“There is no one we can believe in to lead us out of this destruction.”

“Everyone has taken the ticket, and is only it for the money.”

“We cannot trust anyone, not anymore.”

“It is all over now, everything.”

That is the first lie.

I have told you from the beginning.

I have told you this since I began my work in the public sphere.

It is an encouragement, a warning, a testament, a great clarion call of battle to you.

“Loners die, and armies win.”

“Find your brothers. They look just as hard for you.”

This has been true since the beginning of the world, since the first rocks began to slam into the first faces of men.

Your cynicism feels like armor against disappointment to you, but it is a hair shirt of toxins designed to render you useless in the great conflagration that always, inevitably, ceaselessly arrives. As certainly as men seek power, and evil men advance cruelty, and tyrants promulgate butchery… your cynicism is the first step into fatal loss.

You do not need faith and belief in a risen leader, my brother, to fight and fight hard and win without pity or regret.

What you need is tools, and correct understanding of how to use them when the moment of truth arrives.

That moment of truth is not what you think it is.

That moment of truth is not a future uprising, a future civil clash, a future point at which men, fed up and enraged, turn on the beasts that torment them and tear them to bloody pieces in the streets and cities of their scattered lands.

That moment of truth is now.

The target of your fury is the lie.

The tool, my brother, is you.

Sharpen without pity.

There is a Way, and it can be learned.

This I have told men, and the thousands who read and listen and train and rise through my work never forget this awesome, dreadful, beautiful reality.

It speaks truth that the blackened evil you face, so thickly sodden with vanity, cruelty, and so terribly, terribly sure of itself, cannot fathom:

The death of hope is never certain, and never wins where manhood determines to win or die.

Truth is a candle in the darkness, it is said, but I do not do lamps or candles or dull glows of platitude.

I do the harsh and permanent torches of war, and I sharpen men to cut through what must be killed.

I do the roaring, soaring fires of civilization blown to the raging sky of absolute victory,

For that is what my blood, forged over seven centuries of service to the Crown, has taught me.

It is what the depths of knowledge and terrifying purity of forty years of the ninja have trained me.

This is the nexus of power that burns inside me, from the prison of cruelly regulated narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy.

The dark triad, the ninja, the royal counselor that is here for you, in this day, in this fearsome time of decision.

There is indeed a Way, and if your heart has not thrown itself in despair to death at the feet of evil,

You owe it to yourself, your community, your country, your civilization,

You owe it to your children, and the future of their children.

If you wish to learn, and you are prepared to fight,

Then take the next step and see.

I am Ivan Throne.

I tell you today that you are ready for war or you are not.

You face great evil determined to exterminate you, and you will fight it or you will not.

Your heart and mind are under barrage of despicable, awful corruption of cynicism,

This foul attack is designed to slog you into the mud of despair.

But you are a sword, and a sword of the future that comes.

And I swear to you that your edge can be honed to infinite sharpness,

And thereby cut through evil, through the heart of the world, and shape the next.

Today you have that choice.

I do not speak idly nor do I play with sophistry.

The most dreadfully infamous mercenary in the world is my partner in this great work.

We do not “coach” men to platitude, but drive warriors to the state of holy Templar,

Men who seize the world by the throat and choke absolute victory from the frothing mouth of evil.

It takes purity of heart, and stainless will before Heaven.

But that is your nature as a human being, and your prerogative as a man.

I will leave you with this, my brother, and repeat the sublime words of divine instruction:

Come and see.

Click on that link above.

And understand what you must never fail to remember, and place first and foremost in your heart:

Cynicism is the death of love, of honor, of respect, and power.

Cynicism is the murder of hope, of dreams, and of the future of your descendents.

Cynicism murders all that has value, and leads only to despair.

That is what lies are designed to do, and to specifically do to you.

And to listen to lies is foul and unforgivable.

“Loners die, and armies win.”

Remember those words.

Be the warrior who triumphs.

We are here to help you see the Way,

And to carve absolute victory upon the Earth.

It is the Way, and it can be learned,

And it is here for you, today.

Get up and walk, and get in.

Much love, honor, and respect,

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