Jul 5, 2021
Philosophy and Learning

Why Beauty Requires Death And How To Enjoy It


here are truths about being a human being that fall into place when you sufficiently consider them.

Once can profit well from this process, and unveil the beauty that comes with life and death.

For one cannot exist without the other, and there are sincere truths that one can determine without difficulty if simple understanding is within your capacity.

If your coherence as a human being extends to the full acceptance of death, then that veil is lifted,

And you may bring competence to joy, to fulfillment, and most of all to death.

You will die, and this truth is unaffected by any remonstrance.

Therefore do not push joy and fulfillment away.

Understand that joy and fulfillment are the most beautiful aspects of human life.

And they require death.

They do not happen without death.

I will explain so you may see.

It is important first to frame the perspective I wil share with you today.

I do not glorify death, nor do I glorify beauty, joy, and fulfillment.

Comprehend well what I say when I tell you, “attachment corrupts”.

Learn to look, to listen, to see, and to hear without preconception.

Observe and assess without lies, without the whined desire for falsehood.

When one is capable of absolute honesty, absolute perception, and absolute assessment,

One is also capable of absolute victory.

Absolute victory is beauty, and such absolute beauty requires death.

That is the divine nature of the human being, that absolute victory is not merely a temporal or situational thing,

But the great grace of salvation which requires death.

You must pass through.

Where there is one thing, there is the other.

All things are equations, the math of Heaven that always balances.

For beauty does not exist except in the hearts of Men,

When moved by the sublime, and the lovely, and the true.

To understand why I say the dark world is sublimely beautiful, you must fully grasp that this is because it is dark, and not despite it.

Add ten thousand blinding suns to the first, and there is no difference to be seen when blinded.

A candle in the dark is visible, and that is how death frames all things.

For the universe itself is transient, and in that wistful appreciation of the fleeting existence of it, you may learn to appreciate the lovely things within it, before you and they are gone.

Thus the ninja teach how to see beyond the veils of common men which are nothing more than fears, resentments, attachments, and lies.

Death comes without hesitation, without delay, and without hurry.

Death comes with perfect confidence in its own pace.

Therefore we know, as makoto “sincere truth”,

That beauty must also exist in equal measure,

That joy and fulfillment also have perfect confidence without hesitation, without delay, and without hurry.

And therefore, that these things themselves are real.

Joy is real, fulfillment is real, beauty is real.

Love is real.

Now it is time for you to understand the reverse.

The equation must be passed through iin both directions to understand it.

You will face and experience hatred, sorrow, and regret.

Your life will encounter dishonesty, bitterness, and resentment.

These are human things as well, and they are also part of our divine nature.

For we possess free will, and while you cannot choose all your encounters,

You are responsible to Heaven for the quality of your engagements.

And your conscience knows the truth, whether you lie to it or not.

That makoto “sincere truth” of the ninja is also immovable and changless.

Learn to see and hear and know.

“There is a Way, and it can be learned.”

I tell you this in The Nine Laws, and the words spoken within it ring true in the hearts of Men.

The two most powerful critiques of my philosophy bestseller are stark and pitiless:

“It does not contradict Scripture,” said the man who has left countless dead in his wake, and knows how to tear unwilling truth from men who are bound and condemned.

Do you understand this?

“So dangerous, men who read it should be imprisoned, even if they have committed no crime,” said the man who bears the flag of tyranny and horror and pushes for mass execution of innocents to sustain advancement of political power.

Do you understand why?

“The good, the beautiful, and the true” are the measures of the allegiances of Men, and those who see and hear will understand.

Follow conscience, adhere to the Way of Heaven,

Always follow truth where it leads you in the dark.

Beauty requires death, my brother.

Accept and understand without reservation.

And joy and fulfillment will endure.

That, too, is the Way.

Learn it well, and die.

Much love, honor, and respect,

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