Jun 26, 2021
Personal Development

What Happens When Normal Men Feel Like Powerful Warriors


hen normal men feel like powerful warriors, something happens.

Something amazing, something profound and life-changing and permanent.

For maybe the first time in their life, they don’t feel like a faceless pawn in the crowd.

All at once they realize something incredible, a realization that changes them forever.

They realize they have freedom, purpose, and power.

Freedom is the first thing normal men don’t have.

You feel it every day, don’t you? The control, the ugly propaganda, the cynical lies fed to you. The hatred snarled at you if you ever dare to defy the incorrible horse feces pushed into your face by people who have no desire for anything other than looting and killing you.

You see it, you feel it, and you know it. And because you’re a normal man, you can’t do anything about it.

Seeing it just makes it worse. They don’t care about your feelings. And it doesn’t matter what you know, because you’re a normal man.

Today, “normal man” is a dreadful appelation to affix to someone who values his freedom, his purpose, and wants just enough power to live his life in dignity and peace.

You will not get that peace, and you have rapidly lost your dignity.

Because this propaganda and tyranny and theft and murder is explicitly and consciously designed to stop you where you are, prevent you from fighting back, and fill you with the despair of the defeated.

This is why martial training is anathema to those who would rule you.

Even mere, simple exposure to personal power is a dreadful, frightening risk to those who are already winning the unspoken war against you.

They intend to break you, and turn you from normal men – who again want only dignity and peace of being left alone to raise your family and protect its future.

That future has already been weighed and placed on the scale, and what profit can be extracted by destroying it is already well calculated.

They are coming for you, and you are ill-equipped to do anything about it.

That is on purpose, too.

By this point I know you understand my words.

I know that you hear me, and you see what is inescapably true of what I say, and you know as well that I speak directly to the demand of dignity in your heart.

That is why I am here, why I do the work I do, and why I do not leave my brothers behind in the dark.

The dark world is ceaseless, turning, whispering, feeding on those who do not understand.

I want you to understand, and more than that,

I want you to get up and walk.

Martial training is not your local tae kwon do class.

Mixed martial arts and Brazilian jiu-jitsu are not combat.

Boxing is not what will bring you to this understanding,

Nor is muay thai today the province of the warrior.

These are all excellent things, they build health and spirit, but they all have something in common which will not help you when the moment of truth comes.

That moment of truth is not “the bad guy in front of you” who wants your wallet or your women or your sneakers.

It is something entirely different, and no system or methodology that incorporates rules and referees is going to help you become a warrior.

Rules and referees are the province of normal men, who cannot win today against the tyranny of evil men.

Warriors are something else entirely, and the spirit of the divine warrior is unstoppable and inexorable. You will need that spirit, that indomitable will, that sure and certain knowledge that you are the point where fate explodes, that you are the only thing that is coming to save you, that you are the dominant man who protects his loved ones from a future of horrific, squalid kneeling.

Warriors deal in war, where there are no referees, no rules, and no laws that will save you in the end.

When you feel like a powerful warrior for the first time, it breaks the most hideous lock that has ever been inflicted on you, the worst chain that has ever been clanked about your wrists, and tears off the nastiest, dripping stench of blindfold the normal man will ever wear.

That is your prerogative.

You have the prerogative to be free!

You have the free will that God has given you, that is your most basal nature!

There is nothing that Man can do on Earth under Heaven to remove this natural, inherent, inborn right of the human being to decide his own fate.

And all who tell you otherwise are disgusting, profligate liars who have nothing ahead for you but your murder and destruction.

Are you willing to be other than a normal man today?

When I tell you that normal men will not survive the tide of blood that comes, for it is designed to coil like a befouled and venomous serpent into the very things that make you normal?

Do your children hear lies every day in the schools, where they are taught to hate themselves and abhor their future?

To surrender their past, and disrespect you and the men who bore you and fought to give you the chance for dignity and peace?

What happens when you break that lock, snap those chains, and rip off the blindfold of lies you have accepted?

You become a different man.

I tell you today that your choice is stark and immediate.

You will either live and die as a slave, or live and die as a Man.

You must understand the value of real training, real experience of power, and the experience of it with the hands of those who teach you not for profit, not for fame, not for the aggrandizement of foolish ego or the rapacious lust of overseeing other men.

You must find those who speak truth, and you must learn at their hands, from the pure heart of brotherhood, what the dignity of a free man feels like who has chosen to stand apart from normal men as a powerful warrior, even if just for an instant.

For in that instant, my brother, you can see forever.

And it cannot be unseen.

You will choose and you will live or die.

“Stragglers are shot,” my father taught me, and he witnessed the butchery with his own eyes.

The world is what it is, what it will ever be, and it is closing around you swiftly and surely.

You have little time left, but still enough, if you move quickly.

Join my email list and take the gift of brotherhood and freedom I offer you.

Because I, too, see what comes – and I have prepared the way out for you.

Make your way to the front today, and take up the knowledge that will save you.

Be the brother that brings dignity and peace to himself, his loved ones, his nation.

And understand you will have to fight for it.

It is the Way.

Much love, honor, and respect,

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