May 5, 2021
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The Shape of War


The work I do has evolved, to a considerable extent, since I first began writing for the public in late 2015. The journey has been an astonishing one.

That evolution has brought singular opportunity and risk, as well as one of the most fullfilling things possible: actual impact upon the turn of history.

Today Throne Dynamics is delighted to release this contribution to the Company knowledge base. Titled The Shape of War, it is a high-level translation that outlines for you the basic fundamentals behind certain exclusive training that our private clients receive in person. Our carefully selected team brings proprietary skillsets in financial, technology, and kinetic environments to deliver unparalleled bespoke outcomes.

You'll see immediately the power of our proprietary perspective.

This is the first of many additional articles coming in this vein. The growth of the materials will be critical to advancing the dominance, business, and legacy of our clients.For now, welcome to The Shape of War. The program delivers proprietary assessment strategies for client exploitation in unprecedented terrain, and this deliverable is but one of the benefits we deliver from our rare confluence of disparate knowledge bases and field experience backgrounds in the private threat arena.

We are deliver extraordinarily high performance results.

Frame of Observation

The Shape of War is ultimately a process of recognition, assessment, and determination in the context of unfolding human affairs across several important areas. These areas have been selected not in order to most comprehensively account for all the various factors that influence the direction of history, but to most simply grasp the sincere motivations of Men as they perform, or do not, on Earth under Heaven.

You will note that we utilize certain terms of art in the process of delivering support and services to our clients. That is a part of our procedural expertise, one of the major differentiators between Throne Dynamics and other executive support, counsel, and advisory firms.Consequently the Frame of Observation brought to bear by the team as part of The Shape of Warfare is inclusive, strongly, of the following tested perspectives:

  1. Extreme familiarity with human behavior, developed through critical expertise in both lipreading, body language analysis, and hostile interrogation methodologies. Our team knows the reality of human nature, its habits, and what it does under pressure. Accurate pattern recognition, combined with intense field experience, provides precision in assessing the kinetic breakpoints of power.
  2. Seasoned organizational expertise developed over decades in finance, technology, government, law enforcement, consulting, and private military contracting delivers the ability for the Company to assess the inertia and momentum of institutional and official power players, including relationships and networks built over long careers.
  3. Intergenerational expertise developed over centuries through strategic family relationships, fulfilling the extreme long-term view required for the Company to effectively position, support, and advance our clients from Dominance and Business support levels into bespoke Legacy outcomes.

These perspectives, collectively, shape the Frame of Observation in line with the team's value guidelines of pitiless compassion.See the truth, and work with it.

Every time.

Areas of Assessment

There are five essential Areas of Assessment that The Shape of War reviews as part of this critical engagement with the client.

Whether the client's work with Throne Dynamics is more personal in nature, or broader, deeper, and more connected to serious commercial or institutional outcomes in the world, the Areas of Assessment ensure that clear insight is obtain into those influential spheres most demanding of recognition, and capable of existential impact.

  • Government
  • Ideologies
  • Economics
  • Religion
  • Evolution

Within these realms, which in themselves are part of a larger wheel, is found footing sufficient for war.For our clients, for our brothers, for our loved ones, and those we are responsible for.

Consider this well as you read through the material.


Your most immediate provider of existential pressure at the hands of Men is the inevitable and inexorable presence of the State. Realization and appreciation of this gives a certain freedom, when combined with correct and appropriate attitude towards government."Render unto Caesar" is a operational admonition as well as spiritual strategy.

There are many things that may be said of government, but the vanity of it knows no bounds. Yet Governments are constituted of Men, and you will have the responsibility to inculcate competence with Government in your affairs.

For what is it, other than force, predictability of profit as called out in The Nine Laws, and the blunt tool of ambitions?

What is Government to you?

  • What is the capacity disparity between you and the immediate State?
  • What is the coherence gap between your future and your government?
  • What competence is required to effect the consequent demanded impact?

Think of these things carefully, and do not invest the State with the magic of renown. It is merely men, grubby, fingering the things they can and ordering their desperations to and fro, as in the guts of any publicly funded institution.

It is your imagination that invests it with magic.That magic, that glamour, is referred to as the "legitimacy" of the State.Unless you are at the side of Caesar.Then the ride is different, indeed.Where do you stand?

Our clients know.


The perpetuation of ideologies is both one of the great boons, and frustrated exasperations, of mankind. Both illuminating love and great gouts of blood have erupted in every direction at the hands of ideas from the skulls of Men upon the Earth. It is both one of the fascinating intrigues, and impossible idiocies, that Men will believe the things they do.

What ideologies are present in your affairs this day, as the odd past playthings of culture turn twisted and violent as bitter and resentful rulers of the land?

Do you grasp the collisions that are inevitable, when men cease to speak and begin to kill each other, even in their minds and hearts before fire and smoke ensue?

What fatal hold do you attach to, as you contemplate the constellation of dogmas and heresies, betrayals and alliances, that fill the days ahead? Know that your attachments, true and correct or otherwise, bear gravity towards fate just as much as those who are patently fools along the road. Ideologies care little for who they kill, and wise men know that movements do not forgive enemies.

The stupidity of an ideology is irrelevant to its capacity, coherence, and competence in liquidating you.

Never forget that when assessing your plans and affairs.


If one considers economics not from the standpoint of theories or indices but rather what works and what does not, one may enter into appropriate posture that accords with the demands of the scenario. At the most basic human level, the flow of decisions and consequences, and all steps in between, this principle of utility is present.

The maximum for the minimum, the balance of extremes of momentum. It often creates murderous outcomes at bitterly vast human scale. Yet business itself must go on, for even the demands of total war cannot produce total killing without pause.

And in pauses, men eat, and drink, and live life, and the river of commerce is gentled in their affairs, as the exchange of value once more includes "agreement" vs simple scale-tipping through kinetic pressure. Know that tipping point, where it sits, where it is immovable. For decisions of life and death as often as not precede decisions of profit and loss. The man who conducts his affairs, whether deeply personal or coldly institutional, in the clinical and rhythmic cycle of ebb and flow will find his survival, momentum, and triumph exceed his requirements.

Awareness of that tipping point brings the competence to remain ahead of slaughter and extermination.It is frustrating through history to witness those who could not afford their own survival.

Such tragedy is terrible, and Men have not made the last of it.

Be aware of your requirements.


The hearts of men, regardless of their circumstances in the world, never fully in aggregate let go of the Divine.

Men despair as individuals; men despair as groups; men despair as institutions, and the collapse of a nation-state is little different from the collapse of a house of God. Both entail the fall of authority, the withdrawal of Heaven's mandate. For surely as a government is not the blood and soil of its people, so too a church is not the expression of divine will through the families and lives of Men.Mere human constructs give way, over time, as surely as all other constructs.

But the heart, the divine connection between our essential nature and the very purpose of Creation itself - that does not disappear.It is there, in the hearts and minds and hands of Men and returns, as it will, when the fire of either resentment or passion, lusts or dreams, provoke great movements to march. This has its measure, its pace, and its preferred cadence through the annals of history. Yet the pace of it, sudden and slow, lengthy and quick, bears watching by those who would step with precision amongst the murders and worhips of Men.In the here and now, the Divine is theory, a smiled feeling, a recognition.

Across the past into the future, it is the most dreadful reality discernible.

Those who stand before it are not found afterwards.Those who follow the Way attain victory.

It is how it has ever been

.No matter the remarkable proclivities of evil, nor the unremarkable tendencies of Men.

Know their pulse and cadence.


What is Man today, that he was not the day before?

There are truths in the permanence of human nature, but the wise do not discount the transformation of the animal.

What is Man tomorrow, that he cannot conceive of today?It is not challenging, nor complex, to envision the technological changes that will take place, with increasing rapidity, on every aspect of human life. From instantaneous availability of infinite information, will will segue into inalterable valuations of division and segregation beyond what has ever been seen before.

In war, this is critically important, for there is an important aspect of war as a lagging indicator of change.

"We are preparing to fight the last war" is very different from "we are never going to fight like the last war again".

Thus the absolute butchered mud of Ypres gave way to the rivers of blood and gore through ravines and towns of Eastern Europe, and once again Men contemplated and determined that such awful methods were far too expensive, and would never be used again.

Today ideological governments push injected evolution as the new religion which segregates economic participation. Perhaps that, too, is a thing Men will determine as too dreadful to repeat, no matter what ambitions whine denied at the wayside.

Tumble and turn, as we say at the Company.

There is a Way, and it can be learned.There is always a gap through.

Even in the end.

Perceptions and Processes

Within these understandings, The Shape of War delves quite significantly into the proprietary methods of this "tumble and turn", this way that we bring our clients to far better positioning in the market, their relationships, their business affairs, and their plans for the legacy of their heirs.

Capacity to see here is crucial, that clear shin-den heart-to-heart transmission that those who experience it, cannot ever forget.

These proprietary methods are generally reserved for direct work with clients. However, the following Assessment and Consequences points will provide those with pattern recognition skills, the opportunity to empathize and accordingly ascertain much of how this is applied.

Our work is unmatched.

Assessments and Consequences

With these Frames of Observation and Areas of Assessment, one may apply knowledge of human nature, organizations, troop movements, relationships, emotions... whatever exists on a gradient, and as befits the needs of the client and the directives of the Company. Such is the honest brokering of competence in delivery, from both ends of the relationship.

Therefore our assessments of The Shape of War for an individual client are severely honest, and delivered in inexorable testimony to the reality that we observe, assess, and deliver outcomes for them to profit by. The exploration and adaptation process is facilitated through our unique methodology.

  • What relaxation and enforcement cycle can be observed in Government, and to the end of what profit against your own specific capacity?
  • Where are the limits of ideological commitment, beyond which natural resistance to unreality cripples the leading edge of your coherence?
  • How is your economic outcome subject to the competence of others, to the directives of men you have only imagined legitimate?
  • What is your sacred purpose, and how do you balance conscience in war against fulfillment of every living dream you possess?
  • When will your final decision on these be made as real as the irreversible thunder of Heaven upon the Earth?

Know your answers clearly.

Bespoke Client Outcomes

The work we do with clients is designed specifically to address a very distinct need and process of high performance men.

You will see this reflected in the language we use both for communication of concept and reinforcement of methodology.

Your vision upon the earth must be your sacred purpose, faceless before the Divine in execution, and delivered with pitiless compassion.

This is the Way, and it can be learned.

Conclusion and Invitation

The Shape of War is one step through the great collaboration, the Path to the Throne that forms through our work with our clients.

From all walks of life and corners of the world, the very best have come to us for training and guidance.

We are often told, with some shock, that we are incredibly expensive in comparison to other "executive coaches".

Yes, that is certainly a byproduct of competence.

You get what you pay for.

If you are ready to take steps past the platitudes of low expectations, and The Shape of War clicks with you as a facet of what we bring to bear upon you as part of the Throne Dynamics experience, it's time to reach out and see if you're a good fit for some sharper growth right now.

Everyone has their moments of need, of desperate power, and also of triumph.Our clients get to choose.

You, too, can do that.

Much love, honor, and respect,

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