Jul 7, 2021
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The Most Dangerous Extremist Reveals Why America Must Explode


he most dangerous extremist is the one who wins.

Isn’t that a rather lovely reduction to bare realities?

Today America is beset with bitterly opposed ideologies, challenges to history, riots and killings and corruption and laughably stupid pronouncements from official organs of the State.

These things inarguably foster the contempt of all warring parties for the rotted structure of the nation.

We are going to take a look, here, at the reasons why America must explode.

The most dangerous extremist is the intelligent, patient, psychopathic one.

Delayed gratification, wisdom in plans, and pitiless execution win the day.

This is how civilization is built, and how civilization is reduced to rubble.

We are going to examine some things here today you will not like.

The first is this, and it is inexorable as it is hideously appalling:

America is a rotted whale on the beach.

It doesn’t, to the dangerous extremist, matter why this is the case.

When he sees the countdown timer ticking towards zero, the instinct and decision and movement of the dangerous extremist is to clear the blast zone.

Not whine about whether the timer should be there, or what grievance was behind it, or really should we get the opinion of experts before moving?

Blast zones are blast zones.

Idiots within the blast zone are clouds of blown chum if they don’t move.

Dangerous extremists don’t linger in such cases.

That is why they will live and you will die.

Make no mistake. The Left wants total murderous totalitarian power.

They intend to harvest as many lives as they find necessary, and then more, because that is how evil works.

They will not stop at millions, for their death toll is the measure of validity they trust the most.

What holds them back is the ridiculousness of the figure they cut, and the incongruence of it with organization and command.

The insanity of their collective swarms is beyond comprehension for most.

They believe in the power of the Representative Spectacle, and not in the competence that wins in the dark.

What does the Left show us as representative of their highest worship?

Painted young boys in provocative dresses, publicly twerking for howling mobs of shameless sodomites.

Intoxicated criminal vagrants with violent histories, raised as martyrs and spent as tickets to loot and pillage.

Grotesque caricatures of male and female with butchered and stinking genitals, placed in positions of power.

Shuddered shrieks of outrage and fear from badly educated fools who pursue absolute State power.

And above all, the absolute willingness to use that power until all of you are dead.

Isn’t it lovely?

The Right is no better.

Make no mistake, the Right is the province of cowards, craven fools who allowed it to happen.

They believe in discussion and debate, while their children are injected and castrated.

They believe in voting and civic participation, while brazen election crimes are ground into their face.

They believe in tolerance and neighborliness, as the Left prepares to murder them without pity.

Tough talk of insurrection, of what they will do when the Day Arrives, is nonsense from useless fools.

The Right will not barricade the streets and kill law enforcement when it comes to take them to the camps.

The RIght will not send warriors to openly attack the State, because they are weak and shameful people.

“God forbid,” they cry, “that someone might call me extremist!”

And their children are lost to the beast of cultural degeneration,

And their grandchildren will be killed.

How sad.

The dangerous extremist understands what is taking place.

“America must explode” he says, because he sees the irreconciliable pressures.

There is something very simple you need to understand about this, about power and fate.

It’s not nice, but it is real.

“America must explode.”

Three simple words. To understand why my words are utterly and absolutely accurate, it is worth the time to explain.

Pay attention, and shut down the yammering nonsense in your head that competes with what I say:

America is a concept, not merely a Wesphalian nation-state with defined laws and geographical borders. And I am not here to discuss the United States.

Therefore let us be clear upon the most important aspect of those three words,

Fully grasp that it is not the collapse of the nation-state I speak of.

It is the explosive, inevitable death of the concept.

Do I have your attention now?

“America must explode.”

The second word is also worth defining, for it can be taken in several ways.

Useless idiots will quibble over semantics, arguing that alternative readings are more palatable, and that the author of the sentence means what they want him to mean.

Such useless sophistry is the habit that ensures their immolation at the end of the era.

We will enjoy watching them burn, we dangerous extremists, but for now let us focus on accuracy.

Must is determinative, final, conclusive.

If there is an equation, it must be correct in both directions.

There is no inconclusiveness about it, no hesitancy, only reality.

You cannot stop it.

“America must explode.”

The competing pressures between the craven forbearance of the Right and the insane degeneracy of the Left cannot be reconciled.

There will be increasing tympo and resonance of collisions, faster and faster, relentlessly in brutal spiral.

Until one day, for no reason at all, it will happen.

Men will tire of their sons castrated and bent over the altar of sodomites.

Evil will decide that weakness infects sufficiently to permit open and shameless murder.

The trains will run, and men will die, and their children will be either be slaughtered or sold.

What prompts this is not important.

A black mob surrounding the wrong house, which opens fire and leaves dozens killed?

Another protest walked through chambers of a hostile legislature, and more arrests and torture?

What will it take to bring Sarajevo back as the living example of the moment that starts it all?

Or Rwanda, where half a million were hacked to death by people who decided to explode?



Just wait.

There is nothing you can do about this and it is futile to try.

The dangerous extremist understands this, and his efforts, such as they are, involve subtle shifts to history at rare moments.

The dangerous extremist is above all things a realist, a pragmatist, and also a man who believes in his prerogative to choose his fate.

You are reading this today, and therefore I instruct you to listen as if you were the most dangerous extremist alive:

You are not cattle. Choose your fate.

Decide and move.

I am Ivan Throne.

I don’t do pity, and today I am running out of compassion for the idiot, the fool, the weak, and the evil.

Not worth saving, not worth teaching, not worth helping, and well worth killing.

Millions of men across the world, outnumbered and cruelly faced with hideous choices,

Know that one thing remains true:

Your conscience is the voice of Heaven that guides your prerogative,

“Live free or die, for death is not the worst of evils.”

What does your conscience tell you, as America bursts into horror and dies at the feet of hostile empires?

Will you live, as an extremist who sees truth, and thereby give your children the chance to live?

Or die, because you are useless to yourself, your loved ones, and your brothers?

Think about these things.

You have little time.

Much love, honor, and respect,

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