Nov 22, 2021

The Age of Cadres And Absolute Victory


t is the age of cadres, the age of hard men on the ground.

Humanity has been here before, at the edges of things, where the frayed bits of civilization are cut adrift from honor, from family, from community, and the interests of tyrants are the only things served in the dark and unpleasant hell of the common man's existence.

This should surprise no one, for the times are simply what they are, following upon themselves in perfect and predictable order. Not the lusts of predatory men, nor the remonstrances of idle men with consciences seeking to bray and bleat at the ending of the world, make any difference to the actual unfolding of events that will be known to our descendants through their own lens and called "history".

For us, there is only today, and only what today allows and brings.

What it brings is infinite death, and total destruction.

It allows absolute victory where a victor steps forward.

The greatest civilization of the world, built by the faith and arms of the men of the West, has fallen at last. And we know it has fallen at the hands of the weak men of an old generation, raised in the comforts and spoilage of a global hegemonic war, who fostered the hard times that now gnaw with bestial cynicism at the hearts of young men, and purposefully drive them into bitter degeneracy of sloth and despair.

The hard times that come with the fall, are of course also natural and unavoidable.

Lies and more lies abound, for what is truth in an age when there is only mockery of reality, where men are women and war is peace, where tolerance cancels and medicine globalizes genocide? What is there for men to do, other than die in place?

There are those who have seen the reality of things, and nonetheless are not dropped by despair, beaten by the pallid horror of the woke Leviathan that threatens the utter waste of all things worth preserving.

Those men form cadres, my brother, and they will rule the ruins when all things have fallen and blood and hate are the most valuable currencies of Men. And today the birth of cadres is well underway, some new, some old, all focused on the most pure and fervent prize that human beings have ever killed for on Earth under Heaven.

That prize is absolute victory.

None deny it in the end.

My cadre is a fighting vanguard in advance on the road of absolute victory.

Every word I use is chosen very carefully. Think through each meaning, and you approach understanding of what I say and can see where vision leads.

My cadre is a fighting vanguard in advance on the road of absolute victory.

There are ten thousand ways to tumble and turn this, to understand that absolute victory really does mean exactly that, seeing all patterns, profiting by all arrangements, and doing the great work of sacred purpose to success beyond challenge from any adversary.

For that is how you create what is later called "history" by those who would never have dared done it themselves, had they lived during our age when even interplanetary rebellion is acknowledged as inevitable by first nature.

"Nucleus of combat trained men ready to assume command as movement force leaders who raise events to conclusion of unrestricted perfect rule and overthrow of adversaries."

That, my friends, is the precise use of language and however you read the varying definitions, it is correct.

I am Ivan Throne and I use language with precision.

I see the world as it is, and with the cadre I shape and deliver in the dark there is no substitute for absolute victory.

It takes hard men to be combat trained leaders prepared for the role of command. It takes hard men to be forceful leaders of a movement that raises ideas to make history. It takes hard men, to overthrow evil and its manifestations, and reestablish rule of the good, the beautiful, and the true.

These are things worth doing, my brother, at the ending of the world.

The drowning alternative of despair is unacceptable.

What is a man to do, today, where there is nothing but the gray and ugly empty hopelessness of a world shaped to drain and discard him, before he is even aware of what transpires around him? 

You must live and find your brothers, and you must form cadres with them and win, or you will indeed despair and die alone. Moreover, you will deserve it, if you ignore this reality and fail to take deliberate, permanent steps to change that fate.

Doubt, fear, and despair are old and useless tools for survival of the overthrow, and what comes next.

I tell you there is a Way, and it can be learned.

I spoke of my own Cadre, the men who follow my vision and who are my brothers.

There are certain iron and inflexible principles for the men who form this vanguard of sacred purpose. It should be shared, for you deserve a benchmark to measure your own local and digital options against. Therefore I will speak of how my own men operate, in the open and in the dark, and I will paint a picture for you of what we do and how we do it.

This is a curve that you'll have to navigate in life: the judgment of the group you ally yourself with at the end of one age and the transition to another. The Age of Cadres is here, and you'd do well to remember that as you assess your relationships and the prospects you have in life, in business, for your family and loved ones. As the days and years unfold ahead, you'll bless or curse your choices today.

The Leviathan has certain expectations and skin in this game as well. It has cruelly designed you as little more than an asset reservoir to drain and drop. It will also do everything it can to prevent you from becoming aware of this, and will cruelly tear apart those it deems necessary to make a punitive spectacle of. That's your operating environment, and the cadres of the Left now control the organs of State power. You are outnumbered, overwhelmed, and there is no counterattack coming.

But you remain a human being.

More than that, you remain a man.

Above all, you therefore have the prerogative as a free man with his own conscience.

Live and die as you demand in this world.

You can fight the Leviathan alone, perhaps make a small crying noise before you are crushed. No one will hear it, for none will listen, all those beside you being far too busy chattering their teeth and waiting for one more moment of subservience before their own extinguishment.

The only way out is to jam up the machine, and individuals don't make that happen. Cadres do.

Consequently you're far better off with some smarts, skills, and a cadre.

Here's how to evaluate them, because most will be obliterated.

The cadre must exemplify leadership.

Defined as a "nucleus or core group" capable of both instruction and engagement, men who can both deploy and deliver at the same time.

Are the men of this group leaders, or merely passing assets who may or may not be valuable as committed fighters? For that is also the measure, the discipline of a skills framework and the structure of power that disrupts and dominates. WIthout real world delivery, this means that it is merely a group or social circle, and not a cadre as we define the word.

My cadre does the hard and consistent work of ensuring that correct dominance is brought to the field, and delivered according to the deep and disparate knowledge base that our leaders bring to the table.

There is no excuse for lack of a worldview.

Such failure of discipline and commitment is what crashes civilization at the end, and is the enemy of Men who would leave any sort of legacy behind them.

Without leadership of this worldview, it cannot be a cadre.

The Temple demands reality before all things, sacred purpose above all things, and absolute victory through all things. We insist upon this, and with an incredible knowledge base behind us we equip our leaders to move forward into the shuddering, crumbling world.

That is our Way, and it can be learned, and we intend to be present at the next crowning of the world.

The darkness between now and then is inevitable.

We lead the way through with honor.

The cadre must deliver authentic combat readiness.

Such skills, both modern and ancient, are crucial to equip men with for actual survival in real conditions. There cannot be disregard or disrespect for the essential nature of society, which is that of military force employed by men in pursuit of the predictability of profit.

Where there is detachment from military reality, there is fatal sophistry that breeds consequences of calamitous disaster and crash.

Hard men who will survive and grow influence, authority, power, and wealth in the Age of Cadres will be men who deeply understand, appreciate, and exemplify the avatar of personal military competence. For in extremity of tumult and strife, of change and opportunity when the entire world reorders itself on violent, ambitious, and hegemonic lines of control - it is beyond foolish to remain a noncombatant.

For there won't be noncombatants any longer, only resources fed upon.

You need real training, real knowledge, real experience, and real leaders.

There is no substitute for the very best in the world.

The Temple offers men training in a deep core curriculum. From secret ninja skills of influence, ancient kingcraft methods of dominance, to accredited force-on-force simunition drilling, we deliver the full spectrum of threat influence and response training.

That is our capacity, and we continue to expand it.

We rise in advance of the times.

The cadre must be a vanguard.

The first troops committed to battle, the leaders of a movement, those who inspire by example and deliver victory through initiative.

You cannot substitute sloth, introspection, perspective, nuance, or any other onanistic self-reflection for the hard and deliberate action that delivers permanent results.

Therefore think tanks are never cadres, and groups that desire coexistence cannot be a vanguard.

Once again remember the reality of the world you face. You cannot afford illusions here.

Illusions that those who are compliant will survive, that those who are subservient will live, that those who are subjugated will be passed over in the dark, and that cadres will not notice and stop and rip you open for any possible value just because you are there.

Rape, totalitarianism, genocide, racketeering, and all the other unpleasantries of Men are realities, not illusions.

Playing defense with evil is your recipe for death.

Your cadre must not only have the capacity for offensive action, and the coherence to succeed, but the demonstration of execution.

The Temple moves men sharply forward, for there is no time waste. Our members become clients, and our clients become influencers in their industries, their nations, and the work we do advances with cruel precision and determination.

For that is the Way, as well, and we do not deviate from it.

Absolute victory demands it.

The cadre must advance.

Above all things, this means traction.

The success of vision, the delivery of plans from conception to execution, to raise improvement and project reality and make change occur in deliberate fashion - that is the work of the cadre.

Without this traction, this upwards climb of discipline and effort and overcoming of hardship and challenge in ranks and with purpose achieved...

There is no cadre, only a sad shadow that drains those who take part in it.

There must be reality, there must be change, there must be consequences in concordance with the vision that has been declared, the vow taken before Heaven to effect change through Men upon the Earth.

Such a serious measure, but we speak of cadres and not of clubs, of war and overthrow and collapse and not of mere social pleasantries within your usual digital bubble.

Without real world results, without proof of blood and life and reality, there is nothing but empty ones and zeroes.

You must take new ground, hold it, and win.

There is no exception to this, for the proof of validity for any cadre, any vision, any simple idea - is in the final consequences of total and absolute execution. Things work, or they don't. Things are tolerable, unless they aren't.

There is always movement, and the wise man knows where it leads.

Cadres execute, for that is their purpose. The men of the Temple are selected for this attribute of execution, the determination that brings discipline, and the coherence that drives the legacy which we shape into the pillars of the coming age.

That is what we do, and the businesses built, the fortunes raises, and the futures secured are only parts of the greater work of the most important thing of all:

Absolute victory for our cadre of brothers.

The road that you travel is crucial.

Even more so is the road that your cadre follows, for the truth of cadres is that bad roads lead to much devastation and death.

The harsh truth today is that much devastation and death are always reality, and these dreadful aspects of it are far closer now than they have been for generations. And there's no shortage of determined murderers stalking the halls of power, desperately eager to remake the world according to their own ugly vision.

Slaughter is not an issue for them, perhaps even preferred, as compliance is the primary product demanded from you. It's unnecessary to have a whole hell of a lot of palace servants, when you think about it. And with just enough peasants to hum the machine, it's a pleasant setup for those who have engineered the situations that the world now faces, the evil that abounds in consequence of such bitterly cruel wringing and draining of the dignity and prerogatives of Men.

Therefore what road will you take?

Will you see, and step where your perspective warns and guides, or blindly move towards the pits ahead?

Always follow truth where it leads you in the dark.

Those words from The Nine Laws are profoundly important, and are among the nonnegotiable values of the Temple. I will not have my men in denial or cloistered in illusions; the Cadre demands truth, and does not do pity. "No parley, no quarter" is among our values, for how can one willingly incorporate lies into your work to build a future for you and all your line?

As a cadre, that clarity of trajectory and purpose must be there.

Without sacred purpose there is no cadre, only lies and dreams of lies.

Only true action in the real world works.

There cannot be compromise for cadres.

The absolute nature of war necessitates absolute engagement, and inevitably ends with absolute consequence. For that is the nature of it, and the cadre that fails to consider itself a wartime organization will fail.

Absolute means unrestrained, unbounded, unhindered, and implies the dominance of the ruler without limitation. This is critical for the cadre, for the delivery of power is ultimately the purpose of its existence.

Without absoluteness in vision, in mission, in tactical and operational execution, there is nebulous, nuanced, commingled, wasteful failure.

It is not the purpose of the cadre to negotiate, but to see the men for whom it exists succeed through the worldview it advances.

It is not the method of the cadre to coexist, but to remove obstacles without pity and to deliver compassion where warranted.

The cadre does not confuse empathy with sympathy, and never when sociomiltary objectives are considered.

Absolute victory is non negotiable.

Absolute is precisely that, and a cadre therefore demands men capable of being absolute, and thriving in absolute conditions.

Those conditions will come, regardless of the work and desires of the rabble of Men. The process of overthrow has gone too long; the undermining of nations has proceeded irreparably; the coalescence of evil across the state powers of the world is virtually complete.

These are not eschatalogical statements, for as surely as true cadres will attain absolute victory, what they build will again tumble and smash in another ten, another twenty generations.

Therefore the work of today is not to be feared but welcomed, known as normal and healthy and as inevitable as the lovely seas and sky.

Be absolute, and be victorious, my brother.

Our Cadre of the Temple understands this deeply, for we begin from that understanding of reality:

There is good, and there is evil.

There is beauty, and there is horror.

There is truth, and there is lie.


Victory is the final determination of the value of the cadre.

If the cadre you assess has no hope of victory, there may be honor, and absoluteness, and dignity, and value in it.

But it will be overthrown, and it will collapse, and it will die in this Age of Cadres that is above all things cruel, and majestic, for it shapes the history of Men for many generations to come.

Victory is the last and most definitive measure of the cadre, of the man, of the nation, and of the culture and civilization itself that has shaped and formed and sustained it to this moment of contest.

Do you see victory ahead for this cadre? Can you determine, with total definitive surety and certainty, that victory is not possible under any circumstances for them?

If you cannot rule out victory, perhaps there is a shocking and fascinating truth about them:

If you have what it takes, you can be that absolute victory.

Absolute victory is what Men were created to deliver.

The Temple returns full circle here, for the Cadre reverts back to the principle of the core group of men who raise and lead others.

Throne Dynamics trains men to absolute victory as our sacred purpose. It is what we do, it is why we are here, and when I and Swift have raised a brother from inception to unmatched success we have done our own work to serve God, and live well.

Consider well what victory looks like on the other side, for any cadre you consider.

Ensure that you explore fully, investigate deeply, and do so with quick and intelligent speed.

There is little time to waste, and your delay puts you at fatal risk on dreadfully swept terrain.

Get up and walk, and with your eyes level and forward, no matter what comes.

That is the road of salvation.

Now that I have shared how to assess the validity and authenticity of a cadre, the responsibility belongs to you to make use of it.

Do this by delivery of thought, word, and deed according to your sacred purpose, in accordance with your vision. If you wish to have an impact that outlives you, there must be a cadre that surrounds you.

The Temple is where my own is trained, where it works, and the root of where it delivers value.

Look and see, and perhaps the doors will open for you. For value must go both ways, and exceptional men demand exceptional brothers.

I encourage you to live, and live well, and to do the work you must do in this terrible, beautiful, horrifyingly wonderful time.

The Age of Cadres is achingly lovely and full of promise.

For what cannot be built, when Men raise the banner of brothers as the vanguard in times of transition between civilizations?

What opportunities are absent, when everything old is new, and the new itself is nearly magic?

Your options blind with brilliance. It is your brothers and your cadre that will keep you from the pit.

Today those options widened, for the Temple has reopened for new enrollments.

And your potential brotherhood, the Cadre that sees you to absolute victory during the most incredible time in human history, has opened up as well.

I advise you to make the most of it. And you can learn more about the Temple here, and about how you can be a part of it. Enrollment has opened briefly, and we are permitting applications.

We are extraordinarily selective, for the work we do is both authentic and powerful, and our existing members are exceptional men.

I wish you the best of success in the future, and the brotherhood of men who are right for you.

For if you cannot win with the men you pick, at least enjoy your overthrow and death beside them.

It is the Way, and you are learning.

My writing is often described as dangerous.

“So dangerous, men who read it should be imprisoned, even if they have committed no crime.”

How lovely, and how true, and how utterly valuable to you, if you have what it takes to make use of it in a productive way that delivers value to your community, your family, your nation, and your heritage.

If that’s the case, excellent. Keep reading what I write, keep exploring, and never fail to follow truth where it leads you in the dark. And take a moment to thoughtfully share this post, someplace where you know men will benefit from the knowlege - and use it in the appropriate direction of freedom, purpose, and power. And if it leads to empire or revolution, so be it. As long as your conscience is clear, you have the right to do as your prerogative and your dread reach dictate.

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We’ll do more exploring together, in the dark. It will advance your survival, your salvation, and your legacy. Maybe someday you’ll be a client as well, and we’ll meet in a distant city and plan together as partners.

But until then, the value is here for you.

And I wish you the best of success, my friend.

May you find your cadre quickly.

Much love, honor, and respect,

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