Jun 15, 2021
Culture and Politics

Slaughter Of Degenerates


I wake up each morning, unlock my phone, and scan through intelligence reports.

That’s the first difference between myself, my team, and the rest of the chattering masses.

It’s worth explaining here, because it really does come down to essential world outlook.

You either insist on knowing what’s actually going on, or you don’t care whether your civilization lives or dies.

Or whether your culture does.

Or your country.

Or you.

Let me explain the difference here by way of a simple example.

The news will mention that there is a “clash between Armenia and Azerbaijan”.

Maybe three lines, maybe four, dry and disinterested.

That’s fine. They don’t need to put more detail down, do they? Who cares?

Why, such nonsense about military actions bringing nations to the brink of war.

They have Meghan Markle’s sudden new brat to gush over, breathless praise for the occupant of the White House, and other silly things.

Little boys in skirts and makup, twirling half-nude to happy wailed claps by clearly insane degenerates, with fulsome praise from empty talking heads.

It’s far more important to those talking heads to push disgusting filth further into the open mouths of vaccinated idiots, and ignore the collapsing death they force upon a shell-shocked and heavily traumatized nation.

I see that, and like millions of others I’m ready to burn that to the ground.

Do you think we are alone in this?

There are 100 million who will fuel that fire.

It’s morning, and I watch intelligence.

I watch the MT-LB armored personnel carriers rolling through Armenian villages, captured on cellphones, uploaded to channels I monitor. It’s one of many I keep watch on, the reality of men on the ground without filter from fools with an agenda.

Sometimes the cameraman is killed in the process, and the video of his sudden death is uploaded as well.

There’s something the talking heads don’t understand about this.

The 100 million young men who loathe and despise and rage at what has been taken from them,

They watch that too. They understand what is happening. They see the absolute destruction of their people.

By the narcissistic locusts of the Boomers, and the purely malevolent evil of the “woke”.

The 100 million young men who see the streets of their cities in flames from foreign invaders,

The 100 million young men who see their sisters flaunted as whores on a million paid public cameras,

The 100 million young men who witness the history of their fathers slathered with shit and hate,

The 100 million young men who have absolutely nothing to lose any longer.

These young men are so close to the moment of breakout that there’s simply no stopping it now.

It’s real, and it’s coming, and no amount of rainbow wokeness will stop the fate of boots and men on the ground.

Pillows and ropes, rifles and mortars, pits and charred smoking pyres where buildings once stood,

Evil always forgets something about the hard times it creates.

Hard times create hard men, and the young generation will rise and slaughter the woke.

They are harder than anything I have ever seen in history, because they know this is the ending of the world.

And in times like this, men like those don’t hesitate to go all the way.

They have absolutely nothing left to lose, and sure and certain knowledge of holy vengeance if nothing else.

It’s going to burn all the way down.

Meanwhile, the new United States Army recruiting video is playing on the news.

Two mommies, cartoons, “pride”, and I cannot but think how badly America now needs to be destroyed.

“We have a Constitutional crisis,” cry the conservatives, who would take any ticket you offered to stay in power.

“We need to encourage more civic participation,” cry the obtuse and the stupid and the weak.

“We can vote our way out of this in 2024,” pronounce the old decrepit monsters in political halls.

But that’s not what’s coming, no matter how much you posture and blither and twirl.

Boots are coming, hard ones, and you don’t have a choice about that.

The entire world is sick of the degeneracy, this foul and hideous descent into evil.

100 million young men who would rather die with honor in defense of culture and truth,

Than spend one moment in further surrender to open, sickening, proselytizing evil.

I know these men. I know the fiber of them. I know the heart in them, and I will speak what they see:

It deserves to burn all the way down.

“Who is going to burn it, Ivan?”

There are millions and millions of young men who cannot wait.

There are millions and millions of young men who burn with fury and rage and channeled intention.

There are millions and millions of young men who understand the power of one simple word, in response to the whining, snarky, stupid bleats of people who know their fate is coming, their days are numbered, and their punishment before God is warranted for their deliberate culture of sickening evil crimes.

One word, that embraces not the accusation, but the true and shivered terror behind the painted rainbow mask of the woke.

“You’re a racist!”

“You’re an extremist!”

“You’re a fascist!”

“You’re a this-or-that!”

“You won’t take the vaccine!”

That single word in response,

That single word from a hundred million young men across the West, who are done with the lies and filth and grotesque nonsense that has been pounded into the face of culture and civilization until it is unrecognizable.

That single word from a hundred million young men who have nothing but contempt for the weakness, the stupidity, the lies, the control, the blatant hypocrisy and arrogant tyranny that simply expects to treat them like compliant cattle.

“You want all of us to die!”


It’s a meme, now, and I am not going to put it in this post.

If you are one of those young men, you know exactly what I am talking about.

You know exactly what I am saying, and you know exactly what is coming.

You know exactly the shuddering anticipation and rage-filled champing at the bit you hold back with.

You know it, I know it, and I tell you that it will burst, and you will have your day.

It can’t be stopped, and by God I know it will be beautiful.

It will be beautiful, because it is good and it is true.

You know it, I know it, and that’s that.

God would not have it any other way.

Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.


If you are one of these hundred million young men,

You will know it, the moment you read these words.

I leave you with this, a grave banner of truth you must see.

You will not fight in chaos, leaderless, as a last stand.

You will fight in chaos, with leaders, who have waited for you to grow to Men.

Now you are Men, and Men decide their fate,

And laugh in the face of evil as it writhes at the spear in its belly.

Twist it, brother, and laugh harder as God smiles upon your work.

That is the prerogative of the Dominant Man, no matter the outcome.

Even at the ending of the world.

Subscribe today, and form ranks.

You know what comes.

Much love, honor, and respect,

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