Jul 1, 2021
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Ninja Survival Secrets To Keep You Alive During Ethnic Civil War


inja know that ethnic civil war is the most terrible form of human conflict.

War itself is calamitous, destructive, and pushes the most extreme aspects of human nature directly to the forefront of affairs. War is used to leverage economies, nations, cultures, even private interests when determinative advantage is perceived through abandonment of negotiation and adoption of kinetic force.

Ethnic civil war includes all of these things, but sickens the already dreadful flavor of war with the flavor of harsh, unregulated butchery of innocents based upon the most unchangable aspect of their humanity.

During ethnic civil war your uniform cannot be taken off.

Ethnic civil war is existential, and inherently genocidal, for it strikes at the ultimate essential sense of identity a human being can possess. Surrender or capture are both certain death, for in ethnic civil war both the purpose and process are very simple, untameable, and savagely ferocious.

As sure and certainly as Nature has designed, war will return no matter the efforts of men to counter the inherent path of all living things.

So long as men institute governments upon terrain, those governments will fall to corruption, and other men will seek to break free with force.

The differences between populations, even though mild to outsiders, are sufficient to provoke butchery on unimaginable scales.

There is no mercy, no parley, no quarter in such grave circumstances.

Yet your continued survival matters no less to you, does it not?

You love your children no less, and want them to live free.

There is a Way, and it can be learned, despite the horror.

The ninja have survival secrets that will keep you alive.

Listen well, and heed my words today.

The ninja, known in history as shinobi, arose from a culture where existential war was the only kind waged.

Religious wars, political wars, economic wars, all of them were fought with pure and merciless cruelty.

Such was the culture of ancient Japan that even military survivors were expected to commit suicide, and tormented as dishonored, less-than-human animals to be slaughtered as the victor saw fit upon capture or surrender.

In this bitterly pitiless environment, absolute military rule was the order of the day for century after century of warring provicial hegemons.

The ninja arose as shadows who refused death, defied control, and held human life to be of value in the worst crucible imaginable.

Western media has painted the ninja as black-clad assassins who scale office towers in broad daylight, flinging clouds of metal stars that annihilate platoons of well-equipped modern solders while engaging in incredible acrobatic feats of slaughter.

It is silly, but far less silly than the idea that ethnic civil war will never happen again.

The circumstances and demands upon the ninja in the times that brought them forth were severe beyond the imaginations of the media, and certainly beyond the experience of most Western peoples.

This frightful gap between the reality of human conscience, human dignity, and human life under existential, annihilatory warfare – and the self-righteous, hypocritical, and smarmy nonsense force-fed to the public about diversity and racial harmony – is fatal.

This is the first secret you must understand.

Do not trust the ruling power.

The ruling power will always lie to you.

It is the construct of Men, who themselves are born of lies and inseparable from them.

That is their nature, and the ninja fully understand this, without wishing it were otherwise.

To depend upon hypocritical lies of safety, while disarming yourself before the plans of tyrants, is incomprehensibly, terribly, and fatally stupid.

Ninja fully understood this in the shadows of history, and they understand it just as clearly today.

For the truth is simply this, that Heaven has principles, operates by principles, and rules by principles.

Men have natures, and they do not deviate from their ultimate essential one:

Human beings are apex predators of the known universe, and you forget this at your peril.

Where ethnic civil war is concerned, to expect compassion, forbearance, or safety is incorrect.

Those peacetime constructs are flung to the bloody winds in times of ethnic civil war.

Your duty as a human being is to survive, for your children to survive, and for your community and culture to withstand the obliteration of foul and violent men who would wipe it utterly from the earth.

As I teach men and train them, you must never willingly surrender your hope to despair, your freedom to imprisonment, or your lovedones and all your line to the depredations of murderers:

There is a great and singular factor that separates successful revolutions from failed ones, and a grim and terrible difference between men who rise in the defense of their homes and communities and those who are herded with their wives and children, naked and emaciated, into a nameless forest and shot.
The ability to fight is what separates the murdered from the free.


This has always been true, and this will ever be true:

Evil men are not swayed by helpless innocence, and hope is not a strategy.

Ethnic civil war is the worst of times for human beings to expect their past experience of communal benevolence, gentle compassion, loving loyalty, and decent justice to prevail against rampaging and unrestrained evil.

The only antidote to helplessness is power.

The only prescription for learned helplessness is sacred purpose.

Contemplate these truths well, for the greatest secret of all that the ninja possess is the removal of scales from the eyes.

You must understand the Way of Heaven, the nature of men, and the processes of the Earth.

All of these are immovable. To place trust or hope or expectation that Heaven will grant favor, that men will change their skins, or Nature itself decide to blunt its tooth or soften claw is the most certain recipe for your hideous execution.

Ninja deal only with truth.

Ninja never refuse to see.

Ninja always penetrate.

Ninja value survival.

Your survival is just as important.

The survival of your children, your community, and your country must take place.

Your culture will inevitably and inexorably face those who would extinguish all hope, and then exterminate you.

This is also a secret: that Nature is designed this way, to clear one before the other, and Nature has no conscience.

Nature does not perceive duty, honor, or compassion.

Nature kills, and Nature feeds, and the truth does not care if you see it.

The truth will always win, for reality brooks no interference.

Understand this, and never forget it.

It is hard to see difficult things. It is even harder when truth uncovers and explodes old reassurances, calcified beliefs, and reassuring fantasy.

The hardest thing of all is when truth, refused, kills you.

And everything you love.

The ninja hold benevolence, righteousness, loyalty and fidelity as the highest duties of the shadow warrior.

In these things the divine principles of Heaven shine forth, and in them lie the secrets to survival.

From generation to generation, this has been their way, and no horror can extinguish it.

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Much love, honor, and respect,

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