May 5, 2021
Personal Development

Ivan Throne And The Devil

This post is at the request of my team, after they read the email I sent to subscribers of this site earlier today.

"It is a good example," they said, "of the content you provide to men.

"You can't not publish this, It's important."

I trust my team.

Therefore, read and profit well.

If this stings, pay attention.

Ego is one of the most tragic things to witness.

I've come a long distance in life by virtue of age and experience.

Living for over half a century has taught me a great deal about human beings, especially since the last forty-five of them have demanded absolute attention to their behavior.

After all, I can't hear them.I can only watch them, and see.

There's a difference between looking and seeing.

Most people only look, and don't care about seeing. There are three harsh reasons for this, and I'm going to simply present them here for you to think about.

Most people are stupid, weak, and afraid.

Most people never change this, and have bad lives.

That's terrible for them, and that's that.

Sometimes that's just how it is.

I talk about Capacity, Coherence, and Competence a great deal.

That's the entry ticket through a very special gate.

I don't often explain myself completely, because I really don't want to deal with stupid people. If you can't grasp what I mean by "capacity", and the dictionary is too heavy for you to bloody well click through, you don't deserve to be anything other than stupid.

I don't have a lot of patience for weak people, because another truth I will tell you: most human weakness is deliberately chosen, since being a churl is easier than being a dread lord.

To be master of your own life, and the dominant being within your reach, demands things.

It takes more than showing up.

It takes more than doing the work.

It takes more than paying the dues.

Those merely prevent contempt from other men.

The trophy you get for just showing up is meaningless.

The praise you get for not being the worst of men is empty.

That's just how it always is.

Don't be stupid and weak.

Don't be afraid either.

Now, let's talk about fear.

I'll take the time here to explain what I mean by "afraid".

"Afraid" is a declarative state.

"Fear" is simply an emotion.

They say the brave man is the one who pushes through fear, and does what he must regardless of that fear. Not the absence of fear itself.

I agree.

Fear is not a bad thing.

It's simply a physiological prompt.

If you are ruled by it, however, you're afraid.

Afraid people are useless.

Afraid people engage in stupidity.

Afraid people polish their fear.

It's incredibly stupid and weak of them.

See how this works?


That's just how it is, too.

You have to remember this about Nature:

It's designed to have winners and losers.

If you think you're entitled to live, that's stupid.

If you think you're entitled to respect, that's weak.

If you think you're entitled to win, you WILL live afraid.

The Devil laughs and claps at the arrogance of weak, stupid, frightened people.

They damage everything they touch.

They whine and bleat and cry and take, take, take, take, take.

The Devil sucks them dry and them kicks the husk aside.

I can't blame him, after all. That's what he's here for.

To eat the chaff that falls separate from the wheat.

Amazing sometimes, how many people want to dine with the Devil.

You're always the food, no matter how much pity you think you should get.

That attitude just makes you more delicious.

How do you stop being weak?

How do you stop being stupid?

How do you stop being afraid?

Do you really want to know?

How sure are you about that?

In my experience, and as I have observed with the strict scrutiny and intense focus of desperate survival demand (try crossing 1,000 streets without hearing a single car), most people are simply stuck on themselves and can't let go.


The Devil has to eat, too.

That's how it's designed, here.

"The Devil always gets his due."

It's a dark world, as I keep telling you.

Weak, stupid people hear this and are afraid.

Swift and I, we fight the Devil.

We like to win.

We like to shove truth into the face of evil.

That is why we break locks in the hearts of men,

So the Devil can never use them again.

Yes, it hurts.

The more attached you are to your own lies,

The more reality is going to hurt,

And the more flavor you have for the Devil when he sinks his fangs in,

And the more he's not Evil, just Karma.

It's a wonderful design.

I encourage you to stop being afraid.You're going to die anyway, so knock it off.

Bravery feels better at the end.

I urge you to reject being stupid.

There's so much to see and learn in this world.

Knowledge and wisdom are a joy to experience.

I insist you never accept weakness.

Learned helplessness is disgusting to Man and God.

It's simply abhorrent upon the Earth.

Think about these things.

Contemplate how you can grow.

Then do it, no matter how difficult it is.

Get up and walk, brother.

Get up and walk.

Much love, honor, and respect,

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