Jul 21, 2021

How To Turn Political Despair Into Absolute Victory


olitical despair is always your own fault.

Absolute victory is always your own responsibility.

Between these two unalterable, harsh, and unassailable truths you will find your great arena, the working space in which the exceptional man executes on his vision, his plans, and his purpose.

The common man does not understand this, nor agree with it, and consequently does two things.

He dies, and he dies in despair, while his adversaries enjoy absolute victory.

This is not to be your fate, unless learned helplessness and failure are your goals.

Listen well to what I say.

You must begin with acceptance of certain unequivocal realities, and the first of these is simple physics.

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

“An object at rest remains at rest unless acted upon by an outside force."

These are indeed simple things, inherent in the very fabric of Creation, and men stupidly and stubbornly ignore them, resent them, and forget them when reality collides with their emotional attachment to comforting lies.

“The American government would never plan to outright murder me.”

“Medical professionals would never plot genocide to obtain personal power.”

“Sacred oaths taken by military officers against domestic enemies will prevent tyranny.”

These are amazing sophistries, parroted by those who prefer falsehood to truth, ignorance to coherence, and the senseless platitudes of deliberate victims.

Deliberate victims do not want to die alone, for it shames them.

They will call for your dispossession and murder if for no other reason than to have company at the edge of the killing pit.

Then they can tell themselves they aren’t so bad, after all.

Isn’t everyone dying along with them?

So everyone else isn’t any better.

This is disgusting, and unforgivable.

Never acquiesce in your own murder.

Learn to see and act.

The equal and opposite reaction to despair is very simple.

It is absolute victory, over all that stands between.

Just as despair is a choice, so too is absolute victory.

Despair means giving up all hope, surrender to evil and murder and death and the cackled, harsh, gnawing hatred of those who have deliberately pushed that despair upon you.

You have been fed despair, you see, for anything can be made tasty enough when you hook the sins of Men into the collapsing suicide you offer them.

Do you feel the loss of hope for the future of your loved ones?

Do you feel the pressure of State dominance upon you, increasing with each pronouncement from brutal satraps that consider you expendable kindling on the bonfire of human dignity?

Do you feel your heart failing, your spirit dying, and your shoulders shrugging with the beginning of despair?

That is by design, and if you permit this in yourself you are guilty of the foulest suicide imaginable.

Despair is known as the unforgivable sin, for it is the precursor of suicide.

Suicide brings eternal damnation, and if you flirt with the suicide of not just yourself, but all those you love and everything that you treasure, you deserve your descent into the butchery that comes.

I do not do pity, and I tell Men to get up and walk.

Absolute victory is sacred as despair is the tool of evil.

Absolute victory is the prerogative of Men.

All you need do is choose it.

You must first understand that you have just as much prerogative to victory, as you perceive the weight of despair.

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

This is concealed from the eyes of the ignorant, the stupid, and from those eventually damned.

Pay close attention!

Listen to my words!

When despair looms closer, pressing nearer and firmly on the back of your head, pushing it to the ground in surrender, you must grasp that your moment of reality can snap and shift in an instant to equally powerful victory.

All that is required, is to do it.

“Ivan, it’s not that simple.”

Fine, disagree. Go and die.

You will be forgotten.

You will deserve it.

Men who attain absolute victory deserve it.

They do not flag, they do not fail, they do not fall into the collapsed heart of the whining, tremulous, terrified fool who refuses to break the locks inside himself,

Locks of fear, locks of propriety, locks of education, locks of all sorts and sizes that are, ultimately, designed to prevent him from seeing truth.

Your government will butcher you in your beaten millions without an iota of regard.

Doctors will stand with tablets and gently smile as they watch the death toll scream skywards at insane speed, knowing there are more resources for them.

Decorated officers will have you dragged from your home into the street and shot, and snap to attention for the new medal your murder bestows upon them.

This is a simple truth of history, repeated over and over, as the spiral of human lust for power becomes decision to pursue evil.

If you surrender to this,

If you acquiesce in this,

If you do not fight this with equal and absolute disregard for your own safety,

You will not have safety anyway, and you will deserve your fate of execution.

Absolute victory requires absolute rejection of despair.

It is also the only way out for your community, your culture, your country, and your civilization.

To argue with this is useless, and in fact advances the evil onslaught of those who will not stop.

Evil does not need motivation, for evil is motivation, and inseparable from itself.

You are a human being, formed in the image of the divine, and your prerogatives of purpose, freedom, and power can only be denied to you through decision by your own free will to surrender.

If you would escape despair for you and all your line, you must stand and seize absolute victory.

This is simply how it is.

Choose to remain at rest, and you will run out of time.

The outside force that acts upon you will be a bullet in the back of the neck.

Or a jab in the arm, or an ethnic mob in your neighborhood, or the perfected gulags into which you disappear.

You must overcome the inertia of cowardice.

You must overthrow your reliance on platitudes from a past long since dissipated away.

You must make the decision to live.

You must make the decision to win.

Then absolute victory can be yours,

And the future of the race of Men.

Much love, honor, and respect,

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