Jun 21, 2021
Personal Development

How To Rise Above The Pack As Terrified Fools Rush In


ools rush in.

Especially terrified ones, the most profitable kind.

Rise above the pack or you’ll take the same spring-bolt to the forehead with every other mad cow.

Now, if instead you desire to live and not suffer in mutual collapse with the herds of idiots that compose the majority of the world’s population, it is important that you understand how to rise above the pack without pity, without hesitation, and with the acute speed of action that brings survival.

Today everyone is terrified. Teeming hordes of gullible idiots believe fantastical and silly things. Laughing citizens in their own Capitol are termed violent insurrectionists, harrassed and hounded across the nation, then suddenly it seems they were waved in by the very guards of the State that opened the doors on the orders of embedded government agents.

Of course, they still need to be destroyed, because of course they do.

Wild denunciations by respected scientists about engineered sources of a global plague are enforced and thousands of careers destroyed, only to have the entire world switch course immediately as new information is released, and suddenly sober and troubled “experts” proclaim the inevitabilty of what they once decried in chorus as impossible nonsense.

Meanwhile ferocious racial reeducation inflicted on children and designed to instill guilt and terror into the population is embraced by all sorts of Top Men at all levels of society.

Why, the very source of American power, the expensive and formidable military of that great nation, now openly declares it will pay for the literal castration of its own recruits.

Perhaps the removed organs can be shipped to adversaries ahead of time, so they can dangle from the rear of enemy tanks without having to be actually harvested on the scene.

But you’re not supposed to notice this. After all, a good citizen obeys, whether it is Moscow or Tehran or Beijing that is proclaimed the enemy of the day. Certainly you mustn’t notice the waves of bemused and snorted laughter that comes from enemy capitals. You are ordered to fall in line as the fools rush in.

You’re just a malcontent if you don’t praise your own executioners.

How ungrafeful you are, to describe your humiliation as humiliation.

Don’t you know that simple math and bird names are proof of your evil?

You don’t have a right to be embarrassed or confused any more. That would just show how unjust you are.

People are lemmings and march to the trains and the camps and the pits every time they are ordered, because fools rush in and most people are idiots. That’s just the way it is, and this has been true since the first wild idea sent the very first cave of hairy, grunting apes into a frenzy.

However silly and apoplectically stupid the herd is, you’re reading this and therefore you’re potentially salveagable.

Why, perhaps you even want to rise above the pack and live.

Succeed even, and maybe actually profit, if you’re smart enough, strong enough, and good enough.

I am Ivan Throne, and I tell you today an unalterable, permanent truth of Men on Earth under Heaven:

There are always ashes to rule, and it is only survivors that rulers are selected from.

You can be one of these rulers, if you listen to me,

And accept and understand.

The first thing you must accept is that you are only as special as you make yourself.

Most of all, those who rule other men and form governments and promulgate laws do so with the express, specific, and conscious intent to place you in position of servitude and punishment.

Your “best interests” are not their concern. Your family’s survival is meaningless to them. Your culture’s destruction is simply amusing, for what do they care for those who they have no respect for anyway?

Until you understand that every single institution, every single organ of government, each entity composed of people is never more righteous than another, and the great wheel of Creation runs and grinds, spins and crushes, according to the most important and permanent division imaginable.

The Bansenshukai gives grave instruction on this point:

" In heaven there are principles while in humans there is nature."

Do not fail to follow truth when it is shown to you.

Or you deserve your fate of collapse.

This is the principle of human affairs: men revert to their nature, and there is no “better nature”.

There is only how men are, and this fallen nature is not escapable, changeable, or forgettable by those who would remove themselves from the line of emaciated, naked, shivering victims waiting for their turn to be shot and dumped and turned to fetid mulch, spread through history as the fertilizer of every new age that rises.

For this is also the nature of Men, to accord with Nature’s pitiless principles and processes.

Those processes are not designed to preserve the common man.

Those principles are not woven through the fabric of all reality to benefit those who refuse to see.

Your understanding of this and total acceptance of the harshest reality of all, is your predicate for survival, momentum, and triumph in the jaws of death. Have I not always told you, my brother, to follow truth where it leads you in the dark?

Then understand this, and accept it, and correct any error in your heart, your mind, and the actions of your hand in the world.

You must decide to separate from the herd.

You must abjure the fate that is cruelly, evilly, despicably designed for you.

Are you mulch, or are you a man?

Are you to be slaughtered and forgotten, once those who have neither pity nor compassion, only disgusting self-interest that overrides all, driven by lust and greed and vanity, have ceased to find your bones interesting enough to gnaw upon?

You must make the first break, and understand the Way:

There are no laws that hold in the end.

It is all up to you, and nothing else matters.

You must rise above the pack.

You will be despised and hated and castigated for this.

Your colleagues and partners and allies will turn upon you.

Men with decades of friendship and loyalty and love will hate you for refusing to die.

Your own loved ones, at times, will shock you with their insistence on marching into the Pit,

And nothing you can do will change this, for the Way is narrow and infinitely sharp.

I tell you in The Nine Laws with absolute, piercing clarity:

“Never trust the ruling power.”

That is the very first action you must take.

You must grasp beyond all doubt the truth of this:

The nature of Men is not the Way,

And Heaven does not care if Men are your cause of death.

Nature delights in it, for that is her feeding pattern.

You must be willing to stand alone.

And watch others die without despair in your heart.

It is how it works, the great cycle of all things,

Production and destruction, creation and consumption, and the inexorable pattern of it becomes abundantly clear to most human beings only at the very end, when they perceive that all is lost and they slide already into the gullet of the beast that rampages so efficiently, so banally, so bluntly, clearing the way for what comes after.

Do you have what it takes?

The beginning work you must do to rise above the pack is to separate yourself from it.

This begins in the heart, for if a man does not believe himself separate, he will assuredly plummet back to the ranks of the doomed the moment reality begins its first gulping crash of jaws upon him and all that he owns, all that he is, all that he holds dear.

That belief must be founded on authentic dominance as a man.

Dominance over himself. Dominance over his surroundings. Dominance over his mind, his actions, his word, his deed.

This is the fulfillment of his nature: the full delivery of achievement in the image of God that he was created to embody and uphold, to present into the world of Men as an example on Earth of the Way of Heaven.

Your survival, and your potential to grow and prosper above the terrified and gormless idiots who die as fools rush in, depends upon this authentic separation.

I teach and train men to do this. I deliver to them the techniques, methods, and principles that drive them up and out from the filth and fate of the common man.

Forty years of training in the secret, hidden ninja methods of absolute dominance in mind, heart, and hand against all odds, is at here your disposal.

These things are the heart of your capacity, the reservoir of endurance and purpose before God.

When fools rush in, the ninja remains patient, and survives beyond the bleats and calls of the doomed.

I will teach you, and you will learn to dominate.

This is my sacred purpose.

The next step you must do to rise above the pack is to sustain this dominance among men, with growth and profit that, in its own right, continues to lift you above and beyond the fate you would not suffer.

How terrible to believe, to know, to see death coming but have no capacity to keep your head above the tide of blood!

Such failure is even more savagely distressing, for without the ability to lift your business performance and prospects, you have no coherence to sustain anything beyond the moment.

You will be locked into survival mode, leaping from desperate topple to desperate topple, ever balanced between life and death with resources alway shrinking and death grinning at the continued meals.

Never be a continuous stream of hors d’oeuvre for Nature, ahead of the final drop, for she will never cease to feed and you will never rise above the pack in this manner.

I teach and train men to stablize and grow their business. I instruct and guide them in the procedures, processes, and leadership that soar them to the height of success.

Thirty years of professional program management in the world of finance, responsible for portfolios of nine-figure projects spanning the entire globe, are put to work for you.

These practices are the mind of your coherence, the expression of your vow of power and posture within the world of truth.

When fools rush in, the businessman keeps to discipline, and lives to survive and thrive despite the cascading tumults of the age.

I will instruct you, and you will grow to success.

My sacred purpose will not be stopped.

The final step you cannot fail to take when you rise above the pack is to penetrate the future with this dominance, so that your descendants never need start again from the beginning, when the great winds of blood and treason and tyranny and murder once more fill black and bloody sails upon the storming sea of human affairs.

Your legacy must be secured, or else it all comes to an end when your life concludes, and nothing will be left behind for your children, your community, your country, your culture, or even your civilization.

For Nature eats all these things, and does not differentiate between them as more or less difficult to chew.

Time is never on your side, and intergenerational time is the cruelest of all for men who do not prepare.

You have grave responsibility as a dominant man, with successful affairs of business, to ensure that your wealth and power and intelligence and delivery outlasts you to the benefit of those you love, those you are responsible for, and those you would see survive when you are gone.

For seven hundred years my ancient family has given counsel of the heart and hand and legacy to the Crown, and our pitiless knowledge base has survived the overthrow of governments, sovereigns, dynasties, and empires.

This kingcraft is the foundation of your competence, the final measure of your authenticity as the years roll by into what men call history.

When fools rush in, the king must remain wise, sure and certain of his steps to protect the realm.

I will put your hands upon the levers of the world, and the future becomes known and sure.

My sacred purpose will not be stopped.

“Ivan, where do I begin?”

You begin here, and now, without hesitation or terror.

Terror is designed to paralyze you, and hold you still within the prison of your own self-imposed immobility, until the killing bolt is shot through your forehead.

Cattle collapse when shot, and Men are the most profitable cattle of all.

If you wish to survive,

If you wish to grow,

If you wish to leave legacy behind,

Reach out to us today.

Contact my team, and we will speak with you of what you desire, and we will see it done.

Together, for that is what brothers do at the ending of the world.

I am in this world as well, and my sacred purpose is to beat the fires of death.

For you, and for those who see.

Rise above the pack as fools rush in.

I see you, brother. You know I speak truth.

Reach out today and begin to rise.

When fools rush in to die, you will live instead.

Click here to learn more about Throne Dynamics.

We will teach, and you will know, that you deserve to live.

And we’ll secure your fate above the rest.

Much love, honor, and respect,

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