Jun 23, 2021
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How To Explode Absolute Dominance In An Evil World


bsolute dominance is unassailable as the way to win in an evil world.

Now, this is quite true regardless of whether you consider dominance to be positive or negative.

After all, the end result in an evil world if you lack dominance is extraordinarily unpleasant.

In this article I will tell you how to approach absolute dominance, how to understand absolute dominance, and most importantly of all what you can do to create, cultivate, and embody absolute dominance in a world where immense and profligate idiocy bears down on you like a roaring beast of hell,

The way to win is through the utmost development of your capacity, coherence, and competence.

In that order, and with the most terrible mindset and intention of the heart a man can produce.

It manifests in his works and his affairs, and delivers him from evil.

Let us begin.

The definition of absolute dominance is crucially important for you to grasp.

Absolute is a simple word, and most men fail to consider the depth of this powerful concept.

Absolute defines a singularity, the point at which time and space collapse to a point, and all expectations are broken. It is division by zero, the shattering of fate, the transformation of things from one reality to another without relent or return.

Consider as always the tumble and turn of meaning, for does not absolution in itself mean the utter transition of divine judgment from damnation to salvation?

Absolute dominance, therefore, delivers the sacred way to win even against insurmountable odds, and is derived from the core singularities of the human being. Formed in the image of God, the purpose of Men is to embody, absolutely, the divine prerogative that is their nature.

That divine prerogative, that hegemonic masculinity, is the sacred purpose for which all men have been created.

It stems from two indivisible, inseparable, insoluble aspects that deliver inevitable victory when correctly arrayed within the man.

Those two aspects are conscience and free will. Every man has them, and every man engages with them.

Free will permits a man to violate his conscience, to abjure and abandon the Way of Heaven, and to fling himself into damnation or salvation as he chooses.

That is also our human nature, and this is the heart of absolute dominance.

Without appreciation for the singularities of conscience and free will,

Dominance will not be possible for you, my brother.

Your fate will rest in the hands of men instead.

In an evil world, evil men rule. They do not do pity.

Neither do I, and therefore you will learn or die.

The death of the overthrown is terrible.

The interplay and relationship between your conscience and your free will is, indeed, absolute.

No man has power to force you to violate your conscience, and this is fundamentally important.

Even the worst duress of imminent execution, or the murderous slaughter of dependent innocents before your eyes, cannot rise to sufficient power to force such misstep.

The decision to do evil, and to turn from your conscience, can only be performed through exercise of choice.

The exercise of free will is forever your own prerogative, and consequently your manhood is defined by your adherence to conscience, and most of all with the exercise of thought, word, and deed in true and perfect accordance with that conscience.

This is what makes a man, and separates him from women and children.

This is what proves a man, though he kneels naked and beaten at the foot of a cruel and judgmental lord.

For a man’s conscience is what he must answer to, and that conscience is the true and constant voice of God in the darkness of an evil world.

Violation of your conscience is damnation, on the gradient of banal irresponsibility to the betrayal of kings and nations.

All decisions come from free will, for just as a slave lives as such by choice, so too may a man decide to live with absolute dominance over his fate, his conscience, and his decisions.

This is unalterable, permanent, and sacred in its power.

This is the heart of male prerogative.

Do you understand these absolutes?

Do you see the eternal truth in these words, that resonate from the infinite flow of Heaven?

How wonderful to be a man, and not a beast.

How marvelous to possess free will as your defining nature!

How terrible and sad human existence would be, without conscience in Men upon which they may base decision.

Base their actions, their values, and above all their sacred purpose.

It is this singularity, this divine acknowledgement of your ultimate essential essence, the kanjin kanime of the ninja, which separates you from all other living things and delivers to you the capacity to become coherent, and the competence to attain absolute dominance.

It is sublime, the way to win, and you will fail utterly to uphold your conscience in an evil world if your free will is governed by less than your own purposeful, sacred, absolute dominance.

Dominance is the following half of this, and we will now define it.

We will discuss dominance, and what it is.

We will examine dominance, and what it is not.

Dominance is your duty before God on Earth under Heaven.

And to abandon that absolute duty brings damnation.

Therefore the weak, the stupid, and the afraid will tumble into Hell, both here and in the world that comes.

It is the meek that will inherit the earth, and meek is never weak, never stupid, and never afraid.

Meekness is restrained dominance, as when a father wrestles with his toddler, a commander of troops spares surrendered adversaries, and this restrained strength is indeed the absolute promise of Heaven itself in the bestowal of grace upon those who repent.

For meekness to be present, dominance must rule, and free will under conscience restrain it.

This is the great Way, and dominance begins with mastery over the mind, the heart, and the body.

There is no other true path.

Thought, word, and deed. Vision, planning, and competence.

Even narcisissm, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy are divine instruments of fate, when regulated with absolute dominance over their interaction with your conscience.

The path of absolute dominance begins with the absolute power of free will.

You choose dominance or you choose death.

You cultivate dominance or you cultivate weakness.

You deliver dominance or you deliver fear.

You understand dominance, or you live as a stupid caricature of what could have been a man.

Thus the word churl, which I am known to use, is the apt description of those craven fools who believe cowardice to be honorable, humiliation to be praised, and garbage ideology to be wisdom.

An evil world is one ruled by churls, who embrace desecration and degeneracy, hypocrisy and grotesquery, and thereby poison all things they handle and engage.

Absolute dominance explodes their ideas and beliefs, their intentions and commitment, and their forms and structure in the world.

For churls cannot withstand the Dominant Man, who has prerogative and knows it and never displaces for evil.

Dominance is the power of Heaven that creates, builds, and sustains.

Dominance is the response of the man of conscience, who speaks without pity and answers to evil,

With three absolute words that deliver divine command:

“No, you move.”

Dominance does not fear.

Dominance does not lie.

Dominance does not move.

Dominance is the total and complete accord with the Way of Heaven, the alignment of the man with the Will of Heaven, and in such state the world itself will move. For is not Heaven the giver of law and its mandate before and over all things?

Dominance is not bullying, the pushing of things to get your way in pursuit of lust, wrath, envy, or all the other deadly sins of our fallen race of human beings. Dominance is not inflexibility, rigidity, but the immovable example of infinite spirit.

As the sky cannot be pushed aside, yet does not force, dominance overcomes all.

As the great weight of the girdled seas across the world are impossible to shove, so too the spirit of the Dominant Man smoothly embraces reality, unperturbed by surface storms or crash.

This is the great spirit of the completed man, the tatsujin of the ninja, who lives in accord with the constant worship that is the duty of the human being.

In this state of absolute dominance, the way to win is always clear:

With free will, in accord with your conscience, you will embody the Way to win.

You will explode absolute dominance, and the fate of the world will move.

You will be a man, in the fullest and most divinely ordained manner,

And your free will and conscience will destroy evil.

This is the hidden law of the ninja which endures for ever:

Heaven’s law: right heart protects.

Men today face terrible onslaught.

Men today suffer from horrific assault upon their survival, their freedom, their power, and their futures.

Evil abounds in the world, where the “woke” demand violation of conscience as the price of life. Betrayal of your culture as the requirement of commerce. The slaughter of your unborn as foul, twisted interpretation of choice, and disgusting, prancing homage to loathsome, mutilated insanity as “pride”.

What will you do, my brother, in the face of an evil world?

Will you crouch, shivered in compliance, as the genitals of your children are injected into oblivion before their manhood has even the chance to root?

What bitter surrender will you eat, shoved with hatred into your pried-open mouth, because you failed to uphold your honor as a man?

I am Ivan Throne, and I tell you today that your free will remains, and the road to absolute dominance remains forever there.

All you must do is get up and walk, my brother, and get in.

Swift and I, we do not do pity. We break the locks inside of men. And those locks can never again be used against them, once they have exploded away by release of your absolute dominance. We invite you to learn this immovable spirit, to embody this unstoppable power, to live according to your conscience before God.

The divine warrior is your nature, and if you wish to live you will reach out to us and learn as quickly as you can.

I see you, brother. I see the fate that awaits men who are no longer men, and I would lift you from that hell.

Reach out to my team today, and we will unlock for you the capacity, coherence, and competence you need.

Absolute dominance is the Way, and if you have courage to walk it, absolute dominance will be yours.

Begin with assessing if you have what it takes.

Start your discovery today.

Much love, honor, and respect,

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