Jan 14, 2022
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Fantastic Wars And Realities


antastic wars and realities are dreadful.

That is magnificent to those with perspective to understand what's happening today.

It's no secret where I stand, what I believe, and how I work. After all, my work revolves  around quite literally telling people where I stand because of what I believe, and letting them work out the consequences of my perspective on their own life.

It is true of my engagements with individuals, who travel great distances to work directly with me on matters that move nations. It's true of groups that work with us qualitatively to effect incremental improvements in their competence across the board.

I am who I am, I know what I know, I see what I see, and I always follow truth where it leads me in the dark. So do all my team.

Repeat this after me, and learn it well.

"Always follow truth where it leads you in the dark."

This is why I have been called many things. A dark triad man, a revolutionary, a philosopher. A racist, a facist, a misogynist, a grifter, a sociopath. My writing is dangerous, my works horrifying. A violent presence in the background who knows everyone amongst the dark shapes that move toward prominence in civil war.

Sounds disturbing, doesn't it? But I'll tell you something important:

The dark is where men need light the most.

Men do not leave their brothers behind.

And never, ever in the dark, as companion to despair.

There are things you must know.

Today we will look into what I see right now on the American civil conflict front, specifically where certain groups are having an impact on the ground, and what their strengths and weaknesses are. There's a lot coming, so let's buckle in here. I'm going to share some informed opinions.

Pay attention carefully.

Antifa is very good at what they do.

Like them or not, their intelligence collection is fantastic.

Their intelligence collection is not about conspiracies, but hard data on specific individuals and groups. Their movements, their families, their habits, their vehicles, their business affiliations, their assets, everything that one would expect from a movement that openly speaks of violent revolution and means every last bit of it.

Consequently when Throne Dynamics requires dossiers, our Antifa sources are almost ubiquitously professional and, observably, they take pride in production of utilitarian, validated, actionable work product that can be readily disseminated.

If you think they are only foolish, game-playing fools in their mother's basements, you do not understand the living environment of most young revolutionaries to begin with.

They are committed, they are serious, and they don't care what they break. Therefore they have operational freedom, and they are not constrained by external boundaries of principle, method, or technique.

They will defeat any who refuse to go to war.

This is possible because they accept that all things must break, and are fine with the breakage, because those unbroken things that rule them are in fact their target.

"Fuck you, fix it" is something they understand about the world that you want.

Hold that thought, because now we're going to flip the sides.

You won't like it.

The overall Right is weak and collapsed.

Its leaders have failed and they will soon be destroyed.

They have lost the State, they have lost the nation, they have lost their power. Accordingly, they have lost their momentum and lost their voice, and any utilitarian legitimacy as contenders for the mandate of Heaven.

I realize this will be an unpopular opinion and that may will draw erroneous conclusions about both my perspective, and the survival probabilities I weigh without pity.

It is very simple for the Right as most people know it today, and it is also inescapable.

They have lost, they are defeated, and they will be destroyed.

They have brought this upon themselves, they deserve it, and their descendants will suffer.

Their civilization is over.

The future belongs to the militants.

Your understanding of this will determine the survival, momentum, and triumph of you and all who follow you into this world of joy and sorrow, despair and hope, truth and falsehood.

War is here, and with full truth and revelation we all see the great and glittering prize of global Caesar held aloft with grim and real pursuit as Men have never before beheld.

You will either thrive or you will not.

This is not eschatalogical, merely observational accuracy.

Understand clearly why this is.

Heaven has principles while Men have natures.

Do you understand the scale of the ambitions of Men?

Their lust for power, their drive of greed, and their belief that they have the answer for true leadership of our militant species? What dreams may come, when the door of global power clicks unlocked?

You will forget this, for you have a daily life to lead, and your daily life is not focused on dominance of Men and all their states on Earth under Heaven. And that is normal, and therefore you lag in initiative of perspective.

And you fail to see them coming.

That's what the Right has done.

Head in the sand, rump in the sky, mumbles about propriety and palatabilty and propositions while their cities are burned to the ground, their children masked and injected, and their entire civilization torn from their hands and destroyed.

They deserve all of what comes.

Can't say it wasn't easy to see coming.

But most people are too weak to look.

It's just the way things work.

Good times don't help.

Armies win and loners die.

This has been my instruction from the beginning.

Those who listen, those who see, those who then work to build as militants in the new age - whether militants of the mind, the head, or the hand - do the work of not recovering, not rebuilding, and not restoring civilization.

They build a new one, a terrifying one, and the infinite instantaneous information that blurs lies and truth and reality with such dreadful swirl and storm, is the foundation of a new kind of tyranny, a new kind of Caesar, and a new kind of world.

But the natures of Men do not change.

The principles of Heaven are immortal.

Your opportunities are limitless, if you know how.

We teach how.

Weak, stupid, and afraid is not how men win.

At the moment there is a useless and rather embarrasing trope making the rounds of the Dissident Right. It's a stark  example of weakness, idiocy, and cowardice rolled into a rather snotty, unpleasant whine.

"Patriot Front are Feds."

The primary reason given for this attitude is the lack of pendulous abdomens, misshapen shambling gait, or ridiculously incoherent propaganda in their videos.

Competence in action is castigated as treason by those who are cowards.

Coherence is railed against as enmity by those who are incapable of discipline.

Capacity is foresworn by fools who believe sloven weakness proves moral virtue.

Never be weak, stupid, and afraid.

This criticism is an impressively incandescent display of stupid.

Resentful mutterings from fools.

Men must take action beyond mere words.

In life you will encounter message. Your engagement with information determines your  subsequent outcomes. Preference of message is fine; preference in validation is not.

Learn to see who moves, who goes beyond ideology and observation and takes conscience and makes decisions upon it.

And then acts, for better or worse, on the great and gasping stage of the world.

Never equate gluttonous loss of dignity as integrity.

You must contribute better to your world than that.

You must not slide into grotesque and fatal idiocy.

You must live.

If you believe in something, fight for it.

If you hold sacred purpose, do the work to advance it.

If you have vision for the future of the world, your civilization, your culture, your country, your community and your conscience...

Do something about it, regardless of whether you live in a basement in dreadful economic upheaval, or whether you are a very high net worth individual securing the future for your descendants with fealty, cruelty, and majesty.

Serve God and live well.

This is true for all of us, including those who work in the dark.

I'll tell you a fantastic secret about reality.

It all comes down to achievement on every front.

Proof of achievement validates the highest grandiosity.

All the way to it, and no further.

The delivery of specific fate according to sacred purpose, with the full capacity of the human being focused into coherence which drives absolute competence in victory...

That's what you were designed for.

Not whining about "Feds" while abusively eating yourself into the killing pits that will dot your civilization, faster and faster, until you're shoved in as more finger-wagging ballast that no one will remember by name.

Dreadful, isn't it.

There is good, and there is evil.

There is life, and there is death.

Most of all, there is your life, your death, and your sacred purpose in the world.

Don't fail it, my brother, by falling into such disrepair and lone wolf fantasy that you cannot see the forest, nor understand that time changes the landscape, too.

You must adapt, and you must think brave things.

You must find your brothers, and you must go to war.

Otherwise, you invite defeat, because you could not be bothered.

Never die in apathy, which is mere kissing cousin to despair.

Get up and walk.

Much love, honor, and respect,

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