May 24, 2021
Philosophy and Learning

Death Of A Physicist


ome conversations you don’t forget.

Nearly twenty years ago I lived near Boulder, Colorado.

My girlfriend at the time worked in a local nursing home.

“There’s a guy you should talk to,” she told me. “He’s a retired physicist from the University of Colorado. He doesn’t have a lot of time left, maybe a week or so.

“I know you’re into that stuff. Do you want me to ask if you can meet him?”

Of course I said yes.

And so I did.

What questions could I bring, to such a man?

A mind so brilliant it cracks open the fabric of the universe with the purity of math and unarguable, calculated truth in search of the face of God in all things?

A mind that is days away from stepping from this world into the next, and with all the loss of information that entails… or does it?

I couldn’t bring questions to such a man.

It wouldn’t be right to do that.

I could only bring ears, and listen.

To the best of my human ability.

It was a long conversation we had.

I won’t forget the bright eyes, the gentle smile.

He was ready to go, and he knew he was going.

He was content with it, and that itself was proof of spirit.

How marvellous to leave this world with joy in everything you have seen,

Such gratitude for everything he had learned,

And the sharp delight in sharing knowledge again before he left.

I have never listened quite so raptly.

“Think of every point in creation as an infinite string,” he said.

“Think of every string as unceasingly vibratory,

“And all together you have the great soaring choir of Heaven,

“That worships God unceasingly, unerringly, perfectly, continuously.

“In the beginning was the Word. And this word, my son, is infinite.

“All things return to the source, and flow forever in all directions.”

“It’s conscious,” he said, smiling.

I could only nod, in awe.

That was a long time ago.

Since then I’ve raised children and seen them off into the world.

Since then I’ve had careers and built businesses.

I’ve written hundreds of thousands of words.

I’ve spoken in front of thousands of people.

I hope I die with the delight and contentment he did.

What an honor it was, to listen to him.

At the end, I was the one who received his final lesson.

He died the next week.

Take the time to appreciate moments of awe.

Take the time to separate your ego from simply listening.

When men face the end, and face it with contented gratitude,

They demonstrate pure adherence to the Way,

And profound understanding of the nature of all things.

“It is conscious,” he said, and I believe him.

It is tangible, this sincere truth that permeates.

There is Order in Chaos,

There is Love in Entropy,

And there is Truth in the Dark.

Follow it, my brother, where it leads you.

And never forget gratitude for it.

Live well, so you may die content.

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