Nov 3, 2021
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A Certain Kind Of Man


here's a certain kind of man who is going to break things in the near future.

He's an important avatar. I'm going to describe him a bit in this post, because you'll get to know him well over the next few years, the next decades, and ultimately over the next few generations. He's going to start showing up in the news as a little bit of a darker type of entrepreneur, a more volatile leader, but also a much more pronounced and determined one than we've seen in a long time.

He'll have a different focus, too, this certain kind of man. Because of his qualities - both of his character and his circumstance - he's what my team and I refer to as "gravity well" for others. He can't help it. He may not like it. It may upset or bother him. But he knows he's a gravity well, that people and wealth and success gravitate to him, and he's learned to shape that gravity and fling the impact of it where seems best.

You're going to go on a bit of a dangerous ride, here.

You can stop reading at any time if you feel yourself tremble. That's quite all right. Not all have the stomach for where we're headed in this article. If that's you, feel free to navigate off quickly before you're dragged into the dark place where Ivan Throne sees what other men don't want to look at, predicts what other observers are afraid to literalize, and illustrates consequences that upset the stomachs of the weak. the stupid, and the fearful.

It's partly vantage point, partly relationships, mostly experience and training and a specific role at this time in history that affords me this perspective. But I see what I see, and I am not wrong.

Let's talk about this certain kind of man.

He's intelligent, probably too much for his own good.

This drives a great deal of what comes next. Because his intelligence puts him a step ahead of the rest, and in some cases inhibits his communication with the majority of people he encounters. Therefore he's learned to hold his tongue, and demonstrate through action rather than through words, where his purpose demands.

This kind of man keeps his own counsel. He makes his own decisions. He understands that the future belongs to him.

He'll fight you for it.

Because of this he does not neglect his capacity. Everything natural talent and skill is developed to the extent necessary. He does not brook dysregulation in himself or his affairs, and therefore he has the coherence necessary to focus himself towards sacred purpose. And his willingness to deliver permanent action is matched by seasoned, considered competence.

Nothing undeveloped. Nothing dysregulated. Everything executes.

If he were a little less intelligent, he'd have a lot less personal initiative. He'd therefore be a lot less unpredictable. But that's part of the issue with this certain kind of man, as he's bored easily - especially with people who can't keep up. Bore him and you're disposable where his plans are concerned. You won't be included in his forward thinking, for the simple reason you can't keep up. And there's a limit to how many people he'll be personally responsible for, especially in these troubled times.

Most people, however, cannot handle this sort of blunt appraisal well. Therefore he's learned to restrain himself, until he doesn't. Combined with the unpredictability of superior intelligence, you now have a man who reserves the right to his own judgment and his own timing, on his own terms. Not yours. That's very important to remember.

And if you question whether he's already seen through what you trust as the official narrative - the answer is simple: yes, he has.

That's why when he does believe, he's dangerous.

Think about men you know like that.

You know they're out there.

He's well-resourced, and knows his unique leverage potential.

Whether business owner or an accredited investor, he's no longer concerned with questions of survival. Instead he's focused on the legacy he leaves behind, and that's one of the most challenging questions a man faces - especially at levels of significant personal resources. He supports his family, often an extended family member or two - because he can, and he's generous despite what people fear. And giving back, making his success count for something in the rolls of human decency, matters to him.

Therefore he's acutely perceptive of both opportunity and risk, and knows he can deliver sufficient impact to alter the course of events. And there's no denial in him that he's one of those rare few who are in a unique position to build something tremendous, or to inflict equally tremendous damage with deliberation.

He questions where he should put those resources, because current events are spiraling quickly and he knows that there's little survival on the sidelines. And he's not bound by the limitations of less intelligent, less creative, less critically observant people. That's why he has the position of stability he does, sufficient to launch from.

He can deliver power on his own terms, where he pleases.

When that's added to men who believe, you have serious capacity.

There's a struggle going on in him right now, because he has the resources, the intelligence, and the ability to make history. And what he's struggling with isn't which charity to support, or which political party to join, or whether he wants to be an Instagram influencer or attempt to foster change for social or cultural problems. Those things are dead and useless now, he's well aware of that. And when it comes to the disparity between the personal impact he is capable of - and what the official narrative tells him he is permitted - that's a gap he loathes and despises.

It's a bad gap, a dangerous one. Stupid for society to play with that gap, to tease it, to stick a moist finger into that darkness and see if anything sharp is in it.

There's always something sharp in the darkness.

That's a truth we all know, and it's especially stupid for rulers to forget it. But forget it they do, and our certain kind of man finds himself in that dark place where he's smarter, sharper, stronger, better financed, wiser, and searching for sacred purpose that outlasts him. Desperate to leave his mark on the world as a sign of service to God and a life well lived.

Then the world, being the world, turns how it turns. Men, being Men, do what they do for all the reasons they do. Today, with the absolute overthrow of human dignity and the crushing totalitarianism that grows, our certain kind of man naturally is pushed by all sorts of respectable feelings towards conclusions that grow darker and darker over time.

This evolution comes to a head, eventually.

He's deeply angry, and he has rational, militant grounds for that anger.

The collapse of society and civilization, through deliberate destruction of the legacy of their fathers, is grounds for rational, healthy men to desire the solution of war. Such desire is not surprising, and from the ancient time of kings it has been respected as a valid and legitimate power. Abuse free men, and they will tear the crown from your severed head. Such response from men to Caesar is rare enough, but the principle remains and wise rulers have respect for Heaven's principles.

Yet the disrespect that today is shown to the forbearance of free men, borne on winds of totalitarian contempt and commercial dismissal, is rational grounds for our certain kind of man's motivation in the dark nights when he lies and thinks.

He looks through society and government and churches and leaders, and he observes, and he questions his direction and conscience, and above all he contemplates where his sacred purpose demands the most of his impact with absolute victory. It is this question that keeps him up at night, for is he not man like other men, prone to worry over the painful bitter questions of his age?

I will tell you what he sees.

He sees that the news and the media are nothing but lies and deceit, and that there is now total absence of honor in that profession. It has become tedious to defer the incessant propaganda, and it is therefore disregarded. Disregarded, it loses power, for its target now turns to direct experience, to the real world, and to alternate sources that are not instruments of totalitarian control. But the masses of people remain behind, mesmerized, drooling, dying, clotted into seething herds of dying profit for the narrators.

That enrages compassion, and righteous anger at the cruel sins of ambitious men is justified. He knows this, and his anger troubles him, and he cannot put it down.

He sees that the political balance of his nation is gone, along with the last vestiges of legitimacy of the State. He is ruled by naked force and shameless lies, and he knows it, and he does not pretend in his mind or heart to bear any allegiance to the mockery that cultural and civic collapse has brought to his nation and his people. And he sees the empty carcass of a nation held up for condemnation by foreign invaders, who curse it and condemn it and breed hatred of it, and he knows their intent is to humiliate.

That is dishonorable to do to Men, and to their traditions, and he knows that his stony hatred is not something that honor permits him to put aside.

He sees that the warnings of his fathers were accurate, and that the murder of what is good, beautiful, and true in his nation and his culture has been the long, conscious, deliberate, and incessantly engineered work of evil. And this work of evil can be seen, and named, and identified, and he does not refuse to follow truth where it leads him in the dark. And he sees the fear of his fellow men, the vast herds of them cowed and terrified, and he despairs because they cannot be led into battle, for the hearts of war have been truly stripped from them.

That wearies him, for the subjugation of his brothers only makes his own determination that more profoundly sacred before God, and he cannot rest.

He sees that he stands at the brink of apocalypse, where the fourth level of genocide takes over and the greatest killing in human history is about to begin. And he knows it was intentional, and planned, and there is profit attached to it, and that those cruel and ambitious men who roll this dreadful future forward will kill him and all his line without a moment's thought or hesitation. And that this death will be swept through by unfeeling intelligence, by the mathematics of machines and data, and that a whole new learning curve of resistance must be mastered for the tyranny of evil men to be halted.

That terrifies him, for the responsibility is his, and he knows that failure to adapt and seize victory means the absolute destruction of all that is good, beautiful, and true.

He sees the agonizing cost of this, and the aching regret that he must leave legacy in time of war. For he would rather build, and not see taken away. He would rather raise children, than see them turned to soulless drones. He would give back to his community, and not see his wealth stripped and glutting the bellies of hostile satraps. He would walk away from the horror of all of this, and build in peace, and knows he cannot.

There is no place left to go, now.

Evil has won too many victories, and now there is no place on Earth under Heaven where Man may hide from Caesar.

He sees this, and he knows without hesitation: that he must make the stand he makes.

He is prepared for this.

Our certain kind of man knows he isn't alone.

The reality of professional and social interactions among human beings is that like attracts like, and networks form. People who ride horses know other people who ride horses, as the saying goes, and it's a principle of human truth across every arena. This certain kind of man is careful, already, with who he speaks to. His conversations are highly attenuated to risk, for he knows he is a visible target. But nonetheless he seeks out others like himself, even if at first only to confirm he has not lost his mind, and that his utter hostility to the public circus of lies is not his individual insanity.

It is not, of course, and over time he has carefully built relationships of alliance and value at the beginning of the next great and boundless war among Men, for he has seen this conflict coming as well. Therefore he knows others who feel as he does, who think as he does, who know and have leverage like him, and who are deciding what to do about it.

They know that armies win, even if your army is only a raiding party at first.

Isn't that the way of the world?

You'll know some of their names in the coming years. Right now they are hard at observation and assessment, decision and discussion, the hard and dreadfully significant work of preparing for a new future on the other side of the worst of everyone's imaginations. They work together, because that's smart and intelligent, and they need to move quickly in the dark to keep their momentum concealed and postured for maximum resiliency.

It's a long term survival game now, and they know it. They work to seize the future of the world as sacred purpose.

That's how absolute victory works, isn't it?

What a remarkable coincidence.

That's what we do, my team and I.

We work for the future of the world.

Raising men with gravity, bonding them together, pulling them out from the dying clouds of subjugated things that once were Men, and forging them into an army that can roam freely over Earth under Heaven. Unbound by geography, for they understand that there are no national territories any longer. Evil has superseded borders. It is a war for the future of a global Caesar's throne and the weeping peoples of the Earth underneath.

Unhindered by survival, for they have resources and assets and in proportion to their plans and sacred purpose. Unshackled by narratives and disrespect, for they understand the reality of sharpness in the dark and the nature of Men and Earth before God. And so they look for counsel and leadership, direction and advice, in these most fascinating of times.

These are the things we do, my team and I, at Throne Dynamics.

It is my own sacred purpose, and those who have read me for many years now will know whereof I speak when I say, the time is now.

Cast off subjugation and herded death. You deserve better than that, brother, and we all know it.

If you want your future, fight for it.

Fight with us, and we'll see you there.

Men gather, they build parallel economies, they do all the things that are the hard and bitter work of replacing the shape of the State that has collapsed. There are those who fight for basic essentials in our economically devastated society, who nonetheless teach their sons to be men and shape their own future. There are certain kinds of men who are today in possession of vast and formidable private resources. They share the same intelligence, the same discipline, the same certainty of moral value in a world of horrific, planned, forced degeneracy that crucifies the culture of their fathers. They know the good, the beautiful, and the true when they see it. They don't care what else has to burn down, to keep that alive.

This certain kind of man takes it a step further, such as it were, because of his rare and special position.

This global environment of totalitarianism and insurgency, of global Caesars and injected, subjugated, dying millions is not only fertile, and lovely, and adventurous hunting ground for a man of his resources and regulation. It is also a righteous purging place of anger, where revenge is forgotten but vengeance is delivered, where justice lands harshly even though laws have become mockeries as tragic as the downfall they precipitate.

When men such as this, men who seek absolute victory without remorse, for God has given them that prerogative - when men such as this work together, not even crowns withstand it.

There are more than enough of them, these certain kinds of men, for them to establish themselves in the coming generations as a new breed of leader, of ruler, of lawgiver by force without inhibition of the narratives of evil. For regardless of how you cloak evil in shapes and colors, arrays of madness or sophistry of political language, evil remains what it is.

These certain kinds of men hate evil. They understand evil, and they understand hatred.

For as my good friend Dusan Djukich, whom I respect immensely, has said:

"There is a lot of hatred now. That is okay. Hatred often gets good things done. Hope just sits there."

Does refusal to sit there, mean abandonment of hope?

If you get up and walk, my brother...

Is that hatred?

Those who would subjugate you proclaim it hatred.

If you get up and walk, and you serve God on Earth under Heaven as a Man,

Then you are archaic, and despicable, and to be exterminated with injections of nanopoison and digital exile as your neck is ground into the needles and feces and violent horror that now cakes the streets of your once magnificent cities. And you will comply, and announce your compliance, and your compliance will never be enough to satisfy the gullet of the Adversary.

Therefore hate evil, as God hates evil, and be a man that does deeds and does not only sit there and hope.

Listen to the words I speak. Let your conscience tell you whether I speak truth or not, regardless how bitter that truth is to a conscience you may prefer to be left untroubled.

You know when I speak of these things, that I am not wrong.

I see them, they are as I describe, and I tell you that a certain kind of man is coming.

He comes with others like him, and God help those who place evil before them. For that is what they have determined, and that is what I observe, gathering in their cadres across the surface of the world. It is marvelous to watch, to understand what they are doing, where this is headed, this vision of theirs that for ten thousand reasons happens now.

There are amazing confluences today, and among the value streams of the varying rivers of Fate that cross before you as you read my words, I offer you this:

Choose wisely. Drink deeply. For you will get one choice, and you will make it and you will live or die with it. The new age that comes will not be charitable, for the great purpose behind it is to winnow and cull, to weed and to prune, to cut off lives beyond counting in pursuit of what it wants. It's very simple.

Even if the accusation of "hate" falls from the lips of evil, you must do it:

Get up and walk.

If you understand this certain kind of man, maybe it makes sense for you to think about where you stand with him.

I partner with these exceptional men every day, from individual mentoring and leadership work, to business enhancement and growth, to the planned legacy they leave behind when their blood and bone are memories and whispers from those who remember, from those who were there with them on that very personal journey. And as these exceptional men work and rise around me, they form the vanguard of what comes tomorrow.

They look forward to it with the words of the poet in my mind, as their work brings them closer to success:

"A terrible beauty is born."

They are that certain kind of man, and I tell you today that you do well to find them, validate them, follow them.

Because that's what men need to do today, whether it's convenient or comfortable or not. They need to coalesce around their leaders, as their leaders accelerate and turn towards absolute victory.

Often that navigation is with our help.

Absolute victory is irreplaceable, you see.

And so are you to the days ahead.

Now that you're up, hater, pay attention.

It's time to serve God and live well.

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Because I understand how it looks from the start, when the walls of trust crack and the sudden leer of something sharp glints behind the mask of the totalitarian narratives.

It's also what you have to pay attention to, and figure out how you're going to conduct yourself and to what purpose over the next several years.

And that's okay, too, because we all start somewhere. It's where you end up that's important to me. And I want you do to something.

I want you do to something exceptional:

Be a certain kind of man.

Much love, honor, and respect,

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