Jun 30, 2021
Personal Development

3 Expert Warnings On Why You Fail Miserably


f you fail miserably it’s for good and appropriate reason.

This is a very difficult thing for most men to accept. The simple truth is that most men ignore three critical requirements for success, without which there’s very little point to you.

It’s not just purpose, freedom, and power. Those are symptoms and road markers of success, not requirements at the beginning. And if you fail miserably all the time, you’re always starting at the beginning. There’s not a away around that truth either.

Your looks, money, and charisma are shiny cars for the road of success, but they aren’t necessary either. There are lots of slovenly, poor, and socially inept people who nonetheless are very successful in their chosen field.

What makes you fail miserably is inadequacy in three non-negotiable things, and I’ll warn you right now that your failure is predetermined if you lack them.

These three things are capacity, coherence, and competence.

Those are the operating requirements of the human being, and without them you’re a useless eater.

That’s how the world works, and without them you’re never going to do anything but fail miserably.

This is the design of Heaven, and I tell you today that to fight against the principles of Heaven is idiotic.

Capacity, coherence, and competence are fundamental necessities.

Let’s explore them right now.

Capacity is the first expert warning I’m going to share.

If you lack the capacity, you’re never going to do anything more than bark up the wrong tree.

If you want to be a living Adonis, chiseled and muscled and glorious in your appearance, causing great shudder through every feminine knee as you walk by, it’s not going to happen if you’re an amputee dwarf with pustular acne and only three rotten teeth in your head.

The capacity isn’t there.

If you desire to be a sonar operator, a classical musician, a firefighter or policeman or astronaut or military professional, it’s not going happen if you’re deaf as a stone and beyond the help of medical professionals to do anything about it. (Hi, there, that’s me.)

That capacity won’t ever happen.

If you’ve decided that nothing will satisfy you except to be the Prince of England, you’re absolutely out of luck in this lifetime, and no amount of desperate Communist bleating and woke propaganda is going to do a damn thing to gentle your condition, let alone raise you to inherit an ancient throne of power.

You don’t have that capacity unless you were born to it.

Isn’t it terrific to truly appreciate and understand your capacities?

The most important part of capacity is that it moves you from fighting what’s impossible, to influencing what’s possible.

That is the first warning I will give you here, as an expert who teaches Men on Earth under Heaven.

Don’t fight the impossible. Know your capabilities, and don’t engage in stupid fantasies.

Work with possibilities, move them along the gradient of probability, and make them happen.

That’s where success is.

Coherence comes next, and that’s the second reason most men fail miserably.

Your coherence has to do with your ability to become congruent; to ensure that thought, word, and deed are correctly aligned, and that you see reality and operate from it; that you value truth and don’t hide from it; and that you understand delivery as the prime responsibility and duty of a man.

Simply put, incoherent people fail miserably because the parts don’t fit.

If you believe one thing and say another, your actions will reflect that incoherence and you’ll fail miserably.

If you think you know the truth and suppress that truth in the world, your delivery is going to be confused and you’ll fail miserably.

Isn’t it wonderful how this works?

Get everything lined up.

Make sure your thought, word, and deed match each other, that they are aligned, and that there isn’t a conscious or unconscious gap between them. Because quite frankly, if you’re incoherent, neither Men nor Heaven will bother to listen to you, and the Earth will eat you alive.

The world will chew you up and pass you dead through its bowels, for that is its design.

Men will roll over and through you without pity, compassion, or regard, for that is their nature.

God himself will not hear your prayers, for they will be nothing more than bleated snorts of lies from an incoherent man.

Coherence is the province of human beings, for they must work for it.

Animals are coherent by nature, unless there’s something badly wrong with them.

Human beings have to do the work that comes with integrating conscience, free will, and deliberate action into a sharpened singularity of delivery according to sacred purpose, following the Way of Heaven and thereby matching its immortal Will.

That is how you win and there is no other way.

Therefore coherence is non-negotiable unless you want to fail miserably.

Most men do.

Competence is the third warning I will give you.

Incompetence is disgusting and annoying, because it implies that the man has the capacity, has the coherence, and does absolutely nothing to polish it.

The great reason most men are incompetent, and therefore fail miserably over and over, is because they won’t put in the time and effort necessary to become competent at what they desire.

They practice failure and not success.

Harsh, but accurate, and any high performance individual will tell you the same thing: practice is how you get to Carnegie Hall.

Most men don’t want to do the work.

Most men want to have success handed to them for free.

“I deserve it,” they tell themselves, usually followed by a silly Facebook style platitude that “God will always make sure I have what I need”.

That’s not how it works.

Heaven does not do pity.

Heaven expects you to do the work to help yourself, to master your craft, to polish your expertise, and to do everything in your power to uphold your end of the great see-saw of life and death, truth and falsehood, honor and disgust, loyalty and treason.

If you believe Heaven will move for you, either in your favor or against you, you’re too much of a fool to read further.

Warnings are useless for fools, who rush in and die.

Don’t be a fool. Pay your dues. Do the work.

“Fuck you, earn it” says the patch on my riding cut.

“Fuck you, pay me” says the opposite patch on the other side.

If you fail miserably all the time, I’m going to say the final warning that you would do well to listen to, adhere to, and make manifest in your life and the lives of everyone you touch. It’s another important motto that the team at Throne Dynamics lives by, and you ignore it at your peril:

“Fuck you, fix it.”

Capacity, coherence, and competence.

Strong enough, smart enough, and good enough.

My partner Mr. Swift speaks for both Earth and Heaven when he says “no parley” and “no quarter”.

That’s simply how everything is designed, how everything works, and if you want success you have to follow the Way.

If you are sick and tired of being the man who knows he is going to fail miserably again, because he can’t quite pull the last pieces together before real life kicks over his tower of cards…

Reach out to us today. My team will walk you through a FREE 10-minute assessment, and we’ll see if we can help you. Or whether your capacity isn’t there. We won’t waste anybody’s time if it isn’t.

If it IS there, we’ll set up another 45-minute assessment, also at no cost and with no obligation, to determine HOW your coherence can be best shaped for a life of success and power and fulfillment.

And we’ll share that assessment with you, also at no cost, because that’s what we’re here to do: help you.

Pass both of those tests, and we will work with you directly.

We work with men on success, because that is our sacred purpose.

To learn more about Throne Dynamics, start here.

Much love, honor, and respect,

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